Sexual assaults by priests?

Sexual assaults by priests?

Dark clouds over the church © Jorge Torres

Suspicions of systematic abuse of women religious in Chile are being investigated by the Vatican. To this end, two investigators have been sent to the community of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in the central Chilean diocese of Talca.

The Congregation of the Order in the Vatican confirmed this on Friday at the request of the Catholic News Agency (KNA).

Sexual assaults by priests?

The accusations, according to media reports, are about sexual assault by priests. Women religious who have resisted have been punished and expelled by the leadership of the order. A former member of the diocesan community said she was forced to confess her allegations to her tormentor.

Investigation set to last for months

The Congregation for Religious Orders in Rome, however, spoke only of an "apostolic visitation", without going into the alleged facts of the case. The investigation, which began Wednesday in the community based in the small town of Molina, is expected to take several months, they said. The religious Rosario Alonso of the Don Bosco Sisters and Minorite Father Maurizio Bridio were charged with the investigation.

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