“Sexual abuse is reaching pandemic proportions”

In Munster, investigators have uncovered serious abuse cases. The Federal Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, urges greater vigilance and better prevention.

"The children concerned have a social environment. They have neighbors, go to daycare centers, schools or sports clubs," he told the "Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung" (Monday): "It can not be that no one ever wants to have noticed anything."

In addition to effective criminal prosecution instruments, there is an urgent need for more efforts "in prevention and the broad sensitization and education of our society," Rorig further demanded: "The fight against sexual violence must be understood as a national task. I expect that the topic finally arrives with all decision makers in the policy and is considered there as cross section topic everywhere."

Tens of thousands of children affected annually

Despite the Corona pandemic, the fight must continue with maximum commitment, he continued. Sexual abuse also had "pandemic proportions. It affects tens of thousands of children every year and thus shakes the foundations of our society."

With regard to the dissemination of photos and films on the Internet, Rorig went on to explain that perpetrators of abuse are often well networked, well organized and very often technically ahead of the investigating authorities: "We therefore need a police force throughout Germany that is well staffed and in turn equipped with the latest investigative technology."

"Increased use of artificial intelligence"

The federal commissioner also urged "a sharpening of investigative tools such as the retention of IP addresses in accordance with EU law". He also spoke out in favor of the increased use of artificial intelligence against abuse images on the net.

With arrests and searches in several federal states, the police had previously taken action against a network that is said to be responsible for serious sexual abuse and child pornography. Arrested were eleven accused from North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Lower Saxony and Brandenburg, as police and public prosecutor's office Munster announced.

The alleged perpetrators are said to have abused children for years and filmed the acts. The main defendant is a 27-year-old man from Munster, who has already been convicted of several offences.

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