Satire – advertising – blasphemy

The controversy over the cover and back cover of Titanic's July ie joins years of disputes over the protection of Christian symbols and beliefs. The Catholic News Agency (KNA) lists some outstanding occasions.

With a majority of SPD, Alliance Greens and PDS, the Bundestag rejects a tightening of the so-called blasphemy paragraph 166 of the German Penal Code (StGB) sought by the CDU/CSU.
2002: Austrian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer's controversial Jesus cartoons to be shown in Kassel. Among other things, Jesus can be seen as a loving incense burner or as a good-humored surfer on the Sea of Galilee. The German Bishops' Conference and the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) refrain from official protests.
2006: The television station MTV plans to broadcast the British cartoon satire "Popetown. It shows a manic pope hopping around the Vatican on a jumping stick, surrounded by a media-greedy nun, a dimwitted bureau chief and a group of conniving and corrupt cardinals. Churches, representatives of non-Christian religions and politicians protest.
2010: In May, the German Press Council rejects complaints about a church cartoon in "Titanic" as unfounded. In its April ie, the satirical magazine had picked up on the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, showing a priest on the cover with his face turned toward the genital area of the crucified Jesus. In April, the Frankfurt public prosecutor's office had already declined to initiate criminal proceedings against "Titanic" after receiving a total of 18 criminal complaints.
2012: The Vatican takes action against depictions of the Pope in the satirical magazine "Titanic. On its cover in July, the magazine had shown the Pope from the front and back – once with a yellow, once with a brown stain on his cassock. In addition, the headline with the allusion to the revelation affair in the Vatican: "Hallelujah in the Vatican – The leak is found!" The cover picture was banned after the Catholic Church filed a lawsuit against it. Titanic has filed an appeal against the preliminary injunction ied by the Hamburg Regional Court.

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