Right to a healthy and safe life

Right to a healthy and safe life

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The Coptic Orthodox Church has called on clergy to work to end violence against women in society to do so. The church opposes harmful practices. Concrete examples were given.

"Christianity opposes all forms of violence against women, whether that violence is physical, verbal or moral," according to a report Sunday evening by the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center (Cocc), in a statement ied by Pope Tawadros II on the. signed position paper of the church.

Specifically naming practices

The church opposes any harmful practices that cause or may cause suffering for women or affect their rights and dignity.

Specifically, the church cites practices such as female circumcision, early marriage, forced marriage and deprivation of education, discrimination in inheritance, sexual harassment on the streets, in the workplace and in places of study, rape and sexual exploitation such as underage marriage and trafficking of girls and women.

Principle of the equality of the sexes

The Church supports the biblical principle of equality of the sexes. According to him, every woman has a right to a healthy and safe life. It instructed its clergy, given their influential and credible position in Egyptian society, to contribute to raising awareness and educating society in order to combat all forms of violence.

At the same time, the Church refers in the document to special programs for the social and economic empowerment of women.

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