Rhineland-palatinate successful against npd

The brochure of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate "Communities against right-wing extremism", which was challenged by the NPD in court, may continue to be distributed. The Rhineland-Palatinate Constitutional Court on Tuesday in Koblenz rejected the complaint of the NPD state association, which wanted to achieve a ban on the brochure. The state government has the task of upholding the free democratic basic order and actively standing up for it, explained the President of the Constitutional Court, Karl-Friedrich Meyer, in the reasoning for the ruling. Prime Minister Kurt Beck calls for new ban proceedings.

In the performance of their duty to protect, state organs may also use the means of public information, Meyer explained. In this context, the actual behavior of parties may also be judged as extremist or endangering the interests of the state. NPD: unabashedly nationalistis The right of political parties to equal opportunities prohibits state measures that arbitrarily impair a party's right to equal competitive opportunities. However, this was not the case with the state brochure. Meyer referred to the most recent state security report, according to which the NPD is described as a blatantly nationalistic party that is among the most aggressive organizations in the right-wing extremist spectrum.Rhineland-Palatinate's Prime Minister Kurt Beck (SPD) has spoken out in favor of a new ban procedure against the radical right-wing party following the NPD's failed action against the state government for a ban. The Verfangsgerichtshof in Koblenz had determined that "the NPD ranks in the right-wing extremist spectrum among the most aggressive organizations", said Beck on Tuesday in Mainz. The question of a ban is still open, he said. "I support a renewed ban procedure," said the SPD leader. The court's decision strengthens the defensible democracy.

Rhineland-Palatinate supports municipalities against NPD In the case at hand, the NPD had filed suit against the distribution of the state brochure because, as a non-prohibited party, it felt that its constitutional rights had been violated. In addition, it reprimanded a violation of the ban on equal treatment in relation to the other parties.In May of this year, the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of the Interior published "Kommunen gegen Rechtsextremismus" (Communities against Right-Wing Extremism). The report points out possible measures that local authorities could take against attempts by the NPD to buy real estate or to recruit young people as members through music.

Sad record of right-wing violence Right-wing extremist motivated acts of violence are, according to the chairman of the association Gesicht Zeigen!, Uwe-Karsten Heye, become commonplace. "We had a sad record of right-wing extremist criminal and also violent acts in 2006; it is already clear that the figures will be exceeded in 2007," Heye told the "Frankfurter Rundschau" (Tuesday edition). He added: "The right-wing scene is bringing violence more and more into everyday life."The former government spokesman for ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroder (SPD) blames a "culture hostile to children and young people" for acts like the one in Mittweida late last week, where neo-Nazis carved a swastika into the skin of a young woman: "This is how we strengthen the recruitment field of the far right."Heye sees possible steps against right-wing violence in a "school reform worthy of the name" and better preschool education.

Nazis do not fall from the sky He told the newspaper, "I'm still calling for a democracy summit. Sports associations, the cultural sector and the police must be represented here as well as politicians. The individual countries are obviously overburdened with this; we have a national task ahead of us."More important than a possible ban on the far-right NPD is civil society resistance, said Heye. "First and foremost, we must take a clear stand, in the workplace, as teachers in schools, as parents. There is no Nazi who falls from the sky; Nazis are made to be Nazis."

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