Rescue on the sea watch 3: no entitlement to landing in italy

Rescue on the Sea Watch 3: No entitlement to landing in Italy

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Comment: The European Court of Justice for Human Rights only requires that the 47 migrants aboard the Italian Government be supplied with the most significant. Update: The migrants can go from board in Italy

Access to the port of Syracuse remains the NGO rescue ship Sea Watch 3 also blocked according to the decision of the European Court of Justice for Human Rights. The EGMR has only one yesterday, as shown in his press release, only one "Intermittent" fruit.

This demands from the Italian government that she meets all necessary maws as soon as possible, so that the persons on the ship are medically well supplied, drinking water and foods and other basic care. For the 15 minors on board, the Italian Government should provide Adaquate legal assistance.

The non-governmental organization Sea-Watch had "On behalf of the crew and a rich" An urgent procedure at EGMR started to force the reason at the Italian Kuste, the Interior Minister Salvini categorically denied, with a decision of the Court of Human Rights.

Whether it has been possible to access the domestic policy of a country is an interesting question, but the court, however, is: "In his decision, the General Court did not receive the request of the applicants that they can occasionally."

NGO: "Blockade policy, the fundamental rights violated"

From the perspective of the German NGO, the Italian Government is a blockade policy that is one "Continuing violation of fundamental rights" equivalent. So far, your ship has Sea Watch 3, The migrants in place from Seenot has on board, from the Italian government just received the accommodation, in view of the hard weather conditions a nautical parts in front of the Sicilian Kuste.

The 47, including 13 minors without parents, were on Saturday, the 19. January, according to Sea-Watch "in international wasses north of Zwara, Libya, saluted by a dinghy in need" has been.

As is known, there is in whose constituency the zone of the Mediterranean falls in which people are saved from Seenot, notoriously dispute. Already under Salvini’s process, the search and rescue zone, for which the Libyan Kustenwache is to be scaled, was widely expanded without the fact that this is legally well-founded.

In addition, the Libyan Kustenwache does not really take these boundaries exactly. What NGOs call an international ghater is reclaimed by the Libyan Kustenwache as a state area. This is unmistakable this is a political affair. The Kustenwache is supported with a lot of money from Italy and the EU.

Dubious figures

Among the business partners of Italy and the EU are often dubious figures that communicate with militias and with lockers. But there are also reports and observations, according to which members of the Libyan Kustenwache have behaved correctly. The Libyan Kuste is long, the statuses are distributed on different groups, the local power differences play a rough role, especially when it comes to EU-Geldtopfe.

In the last few weeks, however, Libyan Kustenwache has caused very bad headlines for very bad headlines. They confirmed releases, after which they in their obligations in the SR-Zone very quietly neglected that you overlook emergency trap or maybe even ignored. For the latter speaks that in an emergency in early January did not even occupy the phones. There were two emergency trap, which ended with probably 170 dead.

Salvinis hard

This is attributable to the politics of the hard man’s hard man in the Italian government. Salvini has taken the lakesopric control center in Rome, which was previously point of contact and coordination center for rescue operations in the Mediterranean, from the responsibility. It is no longer competent and instructs the NGO ships differently than before, no more secure harbor. This maaking is attended by Salvinis policy, which is clearly directed against the use of non-governmental organizations. But that has reason, with the political classification, Wonach Salvini "Right and racist" is not done.

The behavior of the EU introduced that only Italy’s port over the years were started by rescue ships to allow the rescued migrants there. The result were domestic difficulties. They contributed to the fact that the LEGA Nord and the 5-star movement – the most recently sent to a hard course of migrants – received the majority of the parliamentary elections. The other EU countries have not highlighted about the political situation in Italy, they were facing the migrants.

Also the "humane policy" Merkel did not think. Although the Chancellor intervened that in the early 2000s in the early 2000s, given the migration to Spain after the migration was that this was not a German problem, but for which then years later Italy said, so apparently there was no experience from which one had learned from can.

The result from this prehistory is that Salvini is now every time a NGO ship calls on board access to a secure port, is insisting that now is no longer Italy, but other Lander Dafur are state. Since the Sea-Watch 3 under the Dutch flag ride and the NGO from Germany comes, he has the problem of these two countries. That’s completely comprehensible.

Unsouverane governments

From the same political tactics, however, these two countries are high as other EU countries. The tactic is called: BLOB no comments on migration policy, which can be understood as invitations. Make sure that no further displeasure is caused in the population, the electoral votes can cost. Keep the view fixed on the side of those who could election populists, without more precisely dealing with their length of life (an ignorance that argues in the warning call "against populists, for the EU" the 30 mostly good, here and there even excellent, but politically completely sleepy, incompetent writers and philosophers shows).

So the coarse EU clock germany or France can not decide to get 47 migrants a secure harbor. They scare the wrong signal. That’s the powermare and nothing else; An unprecedented sign for how usouver is both governments, like Dunn "The ice is on which you go" (That said Macron these days to his situation).

Support of the city

The harde becomes even clearer in the current case that there is very well support for the recording of migrants in Italian city. In Genoa, it was broken into a coarse solidarity demonstration. The Burgermeister of Catania and Syracuse clarified to land the migrants. But Salvini remains at his categorical no.

Politically, this is comprehensible from the mentioned reasons – "humane", What Salvini would like to create as a label, this is by no means. With his policy, the migrants are returned in stock, where they are treated without any respect for human rights and exposed to the risk of ubbles. Salvini woman.

Intrigue rhetoric

Salvini serves the intriguing rhetoric from the lakeside straps as taxis and thus ames a cooperation with lockers. Exactly this reproach can also be made of the Italian foreclosure policy, which benefits the militias twice, through EU funds and "revenue" from the camps. It is an indirect help.

Although there was allegedly evidence of the Minister of Minister of Minister of Minister that it came to direct agreements with high monetary payments between Italian underhanders and Libyan militias, which do without any jerking on human life, but the evidence was not so solid, convincing, or reliable that they were wide Dissemination in mabrous, rich-wide publications found.

Similar to the prompted cooperation between the NGOs and the fines. If the evidence was valid, they had to drove to corresponding court judgments. Because there were complaints, in Sicily, for example, of convictions you have nothing is located. According to the gorgeic machine and easily the infants and recipes like "Just to send back".

However, it is also unauthorized that there are significantly more boats with escape lingings that want to Europe want to be made to the risky way at the times of a high prasence of NGO rescue ships before the Kuste Libya. The NGOs have made this discussion very crimped. Political consequences that have to do with it have been hidden. You pay attention to not to stain your fingers with dirty policy. In their pictures, it is also clear how much PR work is behind it.

It’s all about saving lives, say. This is part of a great deal of discussion, in which it is also closer to it.


Around noon today, on the 30th. January, announced that the 47 migrants can go to Italy in Italy, as the Tageschau reports: "With six other EU states, one achieved an agreement on their recording, said Government Giuseppe Conte. ‘In the coming hours, people could go from board." Appeal for Italian media reports were mentioned next to Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Portugal, Malta and Romania as a recording industry.

Italy is to be noted in each of this trap in recent weeks where NGO ships were waiting for you to glute with migrants on board on a safe port, as a host country for some of the migrants has provided.

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