Reaction to abuse scandal in catholic church

Reaction to abuse scandal in catholic church

Symbolic image of abuse: teddy bear in a church pew © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Poland's national conservative government wants state commission to investigate child sexual abuse in the country. A draft law is to be introduced in parliament before the end of July.

Three of the seven commission members are to be elected by parliament by a three-fifths majority, Michal Dworczyk, head of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's chancellery, announced Tuesday, according to Polish media reports. The remaining members should be determined by the head of government, president and national child rights commissioner.

As a result, the commission will be independent of the government, Dworczyk said. No party has a three-fourths majority in parliament, he said. They said the Council of Ministers plans to introduce its bill to parliament before the end of July.

Addressing abuse cases from church and society

In response to the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, Prime Minister Morawiecki had announced a commission of inquiry in May after initial resistance. It is to look into cases of abuse not only in the church but also in other faith communities and in the education, culture, leisure and sports sectors.

The documentary film "Just Don't Tell Anyone" about sexual abuse by Catholic priests and the cover-up by the church had caused nationwide horror in Poland. The film was released on the Internet in early May. Poland's bishops then acknowledged failures in child protection in a message read at church services.

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