Preynat fights for legal chance

Preynat fights for legal chance

Appeal filed against abuse verdict © Mike Fouque (shutterstock)

He continues to fight for his legal chance to get a lenient sentence: In France, former priest Bernard Preynat has appealed against a sentence for sexual abuse of minors.

This was confirmed by his lawyer Frederic Doyez to the French newspaper "La Croix" (Thursday).

The 75-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison by a court in Lyon on Monday. The prosecution had demanded at least eight years in prison.

The former chaplain is accused of sexually abusing dozens of children in the 1980s and 1990s. The trial days in the process had already taken place in mid-January and caused a great public stir. Preynat admitted to much of his actions during the trial and asked victims to forgive him. The Catholic Church had already dismissed him from the clergy in July because of the acts.

Case of Barbarin closely linked to Preynat

In connection with the Preynat case, the longtime Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin (69), had also had to stand trial before the French judiciary in recent months. In late January, he was acquitted of charges of failing to report sexual assault at a second-instance appeal hearing.

Barbarin placed his post as archbishop in the hands of the pope, despite the acquittal, to allow a new chapter for the Archdiocese of Lyon, which he had led since 2002. On 6. March pope accepted Barbarin's offer to resign.

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