Power hindenburg platz?

In Munster, the Burger vehemently argue about naming a place

The renaming of the Hindenburg Square in Schlossplatz adopted by the City Council in Schlossplatz influences many burgers in their home sensation. Memorial culture is not synonymous with honor. In September, the Munsteraner therefore votes in a burger decision over a possible backbiting. The summer hole topic could end in a Schildburgerstreich.

General Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg had had good chances of taking into German history as a large asympath. During the First World War, he disabled the Emperor and controlled Germany via the Supreme Army Leaders conducted by him in a kind of military engineer. Hindenburg liked with inhuming Bonmonts like that, he had slept well during the battle at Tannenberg. The required cadaverous sorespoke cost alone in the battle for Verdun over 300.000 and in the battle of the Somme one million lives – without any sense.

Does Hindenburg place?

Photo: Wikimaniac. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

His failure, for the millions of people in the First World War with the death paid, laminated Hindenburg with the Dagstobodende. Because the Germans did not want to do without such a political talent, they adopted in 1925 the meanwhile anti-democrats to the head of state. As it is politicians, Hindenburg did the corruption scandals and truck drivers. That Hindenburg then did not become the central hate shape of German history, we owe u.a. a "Bohmisch", the Hindenburg in 1933 as his successor enthroned.

Honoring for war drivers in the peace town

While Hindenburg’s name is now connected in the first place with a verrungt Zeppelin, at that time, there were also several places after the human chimney, so in 1927 at the time important militar stuff in Munster. Located in the middle of the city, Ludenburgplatz also took place local beer burning, as well as NSDAP parades in Nurberg style. On that until today practically undeveloped bands cultivate anniversaries and circuses to guests, so that in particular elephants also perceive the opportunity to facilitate themselves on the Hindenburgplatz and in this way to remember the human despicable militrists. Already in 1947 one had decided to remove the designation, but not implemented the decision. Easy to the 350th anniversary of the Westfalische peace closed in Munster, someone pointed out in 1998 that Hindenburg may not be so quite the appropriate namesake for a place of a peace town. But at that time, even Spd and Grune voted in the city council against a renaming.

The crash of the Hindenburg

In Marz 2012, the Council then had a view and decided with support of CDU-Burgermeister Markus Leewe (which took this criticism of traditionalists from their own ranks to accepted) the renaming in "Cliff". But many Munsteraner came tranes when he could no longer enjoy the familiar starred sign. From "Iconoclasm" is the speech, you miss a home gun. That had nothing to do with the person Hindenburg, remembrance culture must not be synonymous with honor. And as stubbornness in Westphalia is now a virtue, the initiative Pro-Hindenburgplatz formed and then the club "Yes to the Hindenburgplatz e.V.", however, which is hardly any information on his website, and calls for backbiting.

Nevertheless, traditionalists had 15.123 signatures were driven together and enforced that the Munsteraner can revise the Council decision in September through a burger decision. The signatures for the backbiting not only often came from pensioners, but surprisingly from many students. The cost of the burger decision will be 285.000, – €. And as if the anachronistic homage Hindenburg has not yet embarrassed enough: The Pro-Hindenburgplatzler could have a success.

Actually, however, you can see on the photos related by the initiative mostly the castle in the square, which corresponds to the contemporary naming. Even a native reference of Hindenburg to Munster does not seem to give, there he won in 1925 just 30% of the votes. The historians of the university city of Munster have given a clear cancellation of a tribute of the Anti-Democrat Hindenburg. Whether cars and patriotism, the Hindenburg’s soldiers meadow the way to death, are probably a skillful argument in this context?


In the meantime, AMINOSE HDENBURG-Youth, which is colensioned, are in truth about father-long journeyers who prepared the next Danchstob. A few weeks ago, an artist moored a starred sign with the lettering "The Hindenburg his wife her place". (As far as this proposal the name constituents "your place" Contain, the trademark rights were currently allowed to have insolvency due to priced.) Obviously, nobody has already considered the place on the name "parking spot" to baptize, which is most likely the current function. And maybe you should be so consistent, and the lock in "Hindenburg" rename. Then at least the emerging blam of the city would probably be perfect.

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