Personnel reduction of a special kind

Who organizes unionized, can go

Amazon.COM announced last week, about 1.300 employees in the US to be dismissed, including about 850 employees from the Seattle region, where the company has his headquarters. However, the qualification, especially in Seattle, to dismiss many employees, but seems to be related to the actions of the local staff to organize trade union.

The fact that employees in the United States are exposed to the Hire and Fire risk is nothing new, yes, to American capitalism as with us the co-determination right. However, the trade union organizing leads to unused the union organization, the lack of basic democratic understanding of management reveals in US companies. Driven by the Shareholder Value delusion and a sophisticated self-area device is provided by American leaders of efficacy fetishism about the social needs of employees. Instead of looking for social innovations that improve employee’s employment transactions, the social gap is further accelerated by mass.

It live the discrimination!

Employees of, who will be ready to silence and not sue the company, get severance payments and a further authorization of health insurance payments promised. The unions already see this as a certain success, as companies can not be dismissed without certain extra payments. But this is just a small consolation for those who are asked to make the choice or lose their job.

If it turns out that employees are to be solved or even released their location, which organize trade union, this is another proof of the fact that discrimination in the allegedly large democracy of the world is the agenda. Although the Amazon press officer Bill Curry denied any connection between the union and trade union activities, but has Amazon.COM internal meetings and messages shipped that a union is the team spirit of Amazon.Com was destroyed. Meanwhile, from Amazon, who wanted to organize unionized, when "National Labor Relations Board" A complaint because of the antigenwerkliche activities of Amazon.COM filed as employees have been asked to stop the distribution of trade union literature immediately.

The economic nightmare

Similar like Amazon.Com plays opposite the company for the company ETOWN.Com. There were also employees who wanted to organize unionized unionized. The message of management is clear: who wants to organize trade union, has no future at Etown.

Although Etown is much fewer employees than Amazon.COM affected, but the example could make school. For Dot-COM employees, the union organization is the only way to defend itself against the upcoming shuttle in the American economy. New Economy employees also have a right to be considered as a fair game. The times in the United States have passed where one had to enter into a start-up company to become a millionar after a few years ago. After stock options have proved to be a salary as a wealth-destruction rights, the resistance against the neoliberal exploitation machine increases.

Carl Hall, a science journalist of the San Francisco Chronicle emphasizes that the workers of the digital age have a good reason to organize themselves, as they often handled enough, underpaid, without disease security and without workplace security. the "Beautiful new world" The New Economy is now revealing itself for most employees as an economic nightmare, as in the case of a high level of debt of private households and the low savings ratio for many people can be directly in a social catastrophe.

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