“Outstandingly established”

Building of the Humboldt University of Berlin © Julia Steinbrecht (KNA)

One year after the launch of the Institutes of Catholic Theology and Islamic Theology, the Humboldt University HU in Berlin has drawn a positive balance sheet. Both institutions have "established themselves in an outstanding way," says HU President Sabine Kunst.

"The interdisciplinary dialog in research and teaching practiced here is trend-setting for our university."She is particularly pleased that the new colleagues are also in demand from the outset as a source of inspiration for the current social debates in the capital.

Institute for Catholic Theology

The executive director of the Institute for Catholic Theology, Georg Essen, explained, "Together with the other theologies, our institute stands for religions to bring their own respective traditions into the search for coexistence in our society in an enlightened way."For example, the Institute of Catholic Theology is working with the Islam Institute and the School of Jewish Theology (University of Potdsam) on a joint interdisciplinary research program. As a further focus, it has the training of religious education teachers. In addition, it conceives a bachelor's degree course "Religion and Society".

Institute for Islamic Theology

Founding director Michael Borgolte described the start of the Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology as "promising". Demand for the new subject has far exceeded expectations, he said. Last summer semester, the institute reportedly had about 130 students. According to Borgolte, networking with mosque communities in Berlin was also "enthusiastically received".

"The College of Professors convinced by innovative research projects that critically work on the traditions in terms of the needs of society," Borgolte said. Recently, the Islam Institute launched a first research project, entitled "Ways to an Ethics", which focuses on sexual ethics ies. The cooperation partner is the Institute for Studies of the Culture and Religion of Islam at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main.

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