Our newspaper invites you to digital day on 6. July a!

Our newspaper invites you to digital day on 6. July a!

"Hate speech is when you use words and images as weapons against other people. From these
Hate comments on the net individuals, but also groups of people can be affected. Often it is racist, anti-Semitic or sexist comments that target certain people or groups. We want to talk about the responsibility to do something against these hate comments and to express oneself responsibly on the net Digital Day of our newspaper on Tuesday, 6. July, from 9 to 11 speak.

Three experts will answer questions on the subject

The students' questions on the subject of "Hate Speech" will be answered by Wiebke Nissen, a psychologist at the Wolfsburg Clinic, and Daniel Mau, sports editor at our newspaper. An input lecture on the topic will be given by the Media expert from our region, Falk-Martin Drescher, hold.

Here's how you can be part of it with your class

Registration: You would like to be part of the virtual Digital Day with your class? Then please contact us by Friday, 25. June, to, email to
[email protected]

Provide your name, the school, the number of students and an email address for dial-in data for the video conference. We'll be happy to send this to you in advance if you like. We will be happy if your students bring their questions for the planned discussion or send us an email in advance to [email protected] send.

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