Olsburg leaves the relegation zone behind it

olsburg leaves the relegation zone behind it

The danger is averted. After an extremely successful weekend, MTV olsburg climbed three steps up the stairs of the table tennis district's top division and has left the relegation zone, at least for the time being. The rook sextet not only outclassed MTV Lichtenberg 9:5, but also sent newcomer ESV Wolfenbuttel home with a 9:0 defeat one day later.

MTV Lichtenberg – MTV olsburg 5:9. Both teams could not fall back on their regular lineup. While Gregor Lanuschny and Jens Schroter were missing for the hosts, olsburg had to do without the number three, Holger Patz. "In addition, Bernd Feddeck had twisted his back doing home improvement work and was only able to move to a limited extent," says Carsten Rook, regretting his team's situation. The personnel deficits were alleviated by Lucas Prochwitz from the six levels lower district class.

Despite this, olsburgers succeeded in making a phenomenal start until 5:1. Involved were the duo Dominik Lambrecht/Marcus Doring, who scored 16:14 against Dirk Policha/Wolfgang Kiesel after defending numerous match points in the decisive set, as well as Rook and Rudiger Grobe. The two and the damaged oldie Feddeck contributed afterwards to the four-point cushion of the guests.

Besides the doubles emergency solution Feddeck/Kroschwitz, Lambrecht and reserve Kroschwitz had to make further corrections. The negative trend stopped once again, in addition to Doring, captain Rook, who ranks third in the overall standings with a 10:2 record. "The exchange of blows with the uncompromising attacker Matthias Waber ended happily in my favor, however" admits Rook. In the second half of the match, Lambrecht and Doring defended their lead.

MTV olsburg – ESV Wolfenbuttel 9:0. Almost in record-breaking time, the ESV saw off the Lessingstadter after 100 minutes. The guests, however, had to do without their most important mainstay Sebastian Mohrig, triggering a rift in their team, while Patz was back on board for the MTV. "It was clear to me that the ESV would be without a chance without Sebastian. But I didn't think it would be such a clear-cut affair," Rook marvels at the appearance of the up-and-comer. The hosts allowed just three sets to the team from the neighboring district. The combinations Rook/Grobe conceded one set to their opponents Daniel Sadlo/Randolf Baudach, as did Patz/Doring to the material players Klaus Waldhofer/Michael Zieba. Finally, even Doring could not stop Leonhard Geiger from winning a set in the last singles match.

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