“Not one jewish voice”

The General Rabbinical Conference of Germany has criticized the new special ie of the magazine "Herder Korrespondenz" on the Bible. Rabbi Andreas Nachama said he was "speechless" that "not one Jewish voice" was heard in his work.

The chairman of the General Rabbinical Conference of Germany (ARK), Rabbi Andreas Nachama, has criticized the special ie of the editorial office of the "Herder Korrespondenz" (HK) in a letter made accessible to several media.

It is not addressed "how we Jews read the Bible". Nachama was "distressed" that the special ie did not broaden his horizons, but "limited his view in a quite unnecessary way".

Herder Verlag apologizes for omission

To the Internet portal katholisch.de, HK editor-in-chief Volker Resing expressed understanding for the criticism. It had been an omission not to let Jewish authors have their say.

The special ie asks for meaning and possibilities of interpretation of the biblical texts for the present time. In her contribution, for example, the writer Sibylle Lewitscharoff called the Bible a "scripture of surprises" that still provides important clues for a successful life today.

Different opinions on biblical statements

The Catholic theologian Johanna Rahner explained why some biblical statements – for example, on homosexuality or the role of women – are not unchanging doctrinal statements but must be reinterpreted.

Biblical scholar Klaus Berger, on the other hand, called for texts from the Holy Scriptures not simply to be dismissed as time-dependent. The tensions between pre-modern and modern positions, for example on sexual morality or gender roles, could not be resolved in this way.

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