“Not a party political event”

Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on the parties to take joint action against sexual abuse of children. The round table should not become "a party-political event". Meanwhile, the Bundestag's CDU/CSU parliamentary group is pushing for longer statutes of limitations for abuse in criminal law as well.

"When it comes to the ie of combating child abuse, all sides and social groups should think first and foremost of the victims," she warned in an interview with the "Passauer Neue Presse" on Friday (26.03.2010). From the FDP side came the demand to include abuse cases in sports at the Round Table. Her spokesman on sports policy, Joachim Gunther, referred to recent media reports. But not only the policy, but also federations and associations would have to ensure that children "without the danger of sexual assaults in the association sport can drive". Longer statute of limitations Meanwhile, the parliamentary group in the Bundestag is pushing for longer statutes of limitations for abuse in criminal law as well. "For the victims, who often reveal themselves only after years, the current statutes of limitations are fatal," said parliamentary group vice Gunter Krings (CDU) to the "Berliner Zeitung". Criminal law has an essential function of atonement for the victims. Currently, the statute of limitations is only five years in some cases. In the Bundestag on Thursday SPD parliamentary group deputy Olaf Scholz had spoken out for a later criminal statute of limitations. Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) opposes it and warns of difficulties in providing evidence decades later. Krings also pleaded for tougher penalties. This is how some offenses should be upgraded to felonies. Greens: come to terms with own past on pedophilia Erika Steinbach (CDU), the human rights spokeswoman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, called on the Greens to come to terms with their "own past on pedophilia". The same standards would have to apply to the party that the Greens tried to apply to the Catholic Church. In several questions it referred to contributions of the "federal working group gays and Paderasten" (SchwuP) from 1985 to the topic sex with children. This met with clear opposition from the Greens. Its parliamentary director Volker Beck accused Steinbach of bad style and a falsifying citation against better knowledge. Beck emphasized that part of the turmoil in the early years of the Green Party was that the SchwuP "moved for a while in the environment of the Greens". The party had distanced itself from it early on.

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