New university ranking: germany continues middle mab

New university ranking: Germany continues Middle Mab

Laurentius de Voltolina: Henricus de Alemannia in front of his schools. Image: Yorck project / CC0

A surprising view behind the scenes of Times Higher Education Rankings

You could alternatively use this article "Every year again" or "nothing new in the West" Integrate: A few days ago I received the message by e-mail that the new Times Higher Education (The) Ranking is done. I had participated in the repeated times as a participant in November.

The rankings, New German "Rankings", The most uniformity was allowed to be the most influential in the university world and thus highly beating a highly universitative threshed heart or can still rest rest for a few seconds. Students are also based on students worldwide when they apply for study gear. Which hides behind it and above all too who, This is the topic of this article.

Last November, it was randomly so that I had just explained my students in a freestyle lecture of the philosophy-of-psychology course, as the works when I received the invitation to participate. As part of a Didactic live performance, we have finished the online questionnaire in the following lecture together. But let’s start at the beginning.

Qualitat "Times"

At the "Times" In Times Higher Education, you can still recognize the original relationship with the Old-Rawy British daily newspaper The Times (since 1785), which turned out under the name once a supplement about education. This has been published as its own magazine since 2008. In 2004, The then published for the first time a ranking of the universities worldwide, in temporal close to the PISA studies for schools (since 2000).

It is therefore the time in which, starting from the governments of Thatchers and Reagan in the 1980s, the thinking spread that everything payable and compared. So think that, from business administration, as New Public Management also spread throughout the administration, and especially for higher education in the Bologna explanation of 1999 melte (fifth-year-old Bologna explanation – a polemic). Thinking thinking, which is a cornerstone of neoliberalism in the green context of globalization and individualization.

Winner requires competition

If everything is to be organized as a competition, then, of course, there must also be rules that the winner can be determined. The rules of this were provided for the schools in the form of the PISA studies the OECD, ie an organization for economic cooperation without democratic mandate. For the universities, the through, a British private company. The fact that Great Britain and the US have been politically prepared for all paying and comparative thinking, was allowed to be helpful; that English after the Second World War became the most important scientific language, as well.

Now you have to distinguish with the two rankings: First of all the ranking of the reputations, which simply reproduces which institutions the scientists worldwide. After that "World University Ranking", The reputations around some key figures such as the ratio of students to lectures, citations in scientific databases or revenue from industry per scientist.

Ranking of reputations

The ranking of the reputations will also be caught in 2019 by Harvard Universitat, unnecessary since at least 2011. This is followed by Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, UCLA and Chicago. On the eleventh place appears with Tokyo the first non-American / British university. The first German university is the LMU in place 43.

Under the top 100 there are a total of 42 US universities, nine British, eight Australian, seven Chinese, five German, also Funf Dutch, four Swiss, four Singaporean, three French and finally three Canadian. 62% of the best educational institutions are therefore in English-speaking countries.

New university ranking: Germany continues Middle Mab

The German universities in the top 100 of the reputation ranking. From the 51. The facilities are only different in ten steps, ie 51-60, 61-70 and so on. Abrimits: LMU and Tum in Munchen; Hu and Fu in Berlin; RWTHA in Aachen.

Worldwide distribution

This ranking is now so state that scientists registered with their e-mail addresses in publication databases, randomly receive an invitation. For 2019, 22% of Voices came from Western Europe, 20% from North America, 11% from Eastern Europe, 5% from Sud America, 2% from Africa and 1% from the Middle East. As an Asia-Pacific room, the eastern third of the world map is well-founded a comb and set 39% of the votes.

There were interesting differences in the options: Around 18% of the votes came from the area of engineering and technology, 14% from the physical sciences, each 11% economics, health sciences, life sciences and humanities, 10% computer sciences, 8% social sciences, 3 % Psychology and Educational Sciences and just 1% law. The division of the specialists as the regions of the world has made the the same as they themselves. This will play a big role in the second ranking. But we stay for a moment in the reputations.

This is measured by the participating researchers to specify the best 15 institutions in their area for research and teaching. Harvard landed in place 1, as this university was most commonly mentioned for both categories. This is considered 100%. Thus, all other institutions are measured.

Munchner LMU is 7% Harvard

Accordingly, the best German university, the Munchner LMU, comes in 43 to around 7% of the field of research and 6% in the field of teaching. From the 51. Place the numbers of the the no longer publishes, probably because the differences are tiny. So we know the values for Heidelberg (51-60), the Munchner TUM (also 51-60), the Berlin Hu (61-70) and finish the Berliner Fu (81-90) not even.

This will sunth the German Elite Higher Education Landscape sovered by the Excellence Initiative: Even the LMU is just 7% Harvard in the weighted mean value. The values all other German unis stop the for this ranking not even worth mentioning.

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