New position created

New position created

The diocese of Munster has created a new position for the fight against sexual abuse in the church. Since the beginning of the month, social worker Stephan Baumers has been strengthening the Intervention and Prevention staff unit in the Episcopal Vicariate General.

This was announced by the diocese in Munster on Friday. He supported the intervention officer of the diocese, Peter Frings. Baumers' main task will be to process applications from victims for benefits in recognition of their suffering, it was said. He is also said to be building up participation by victims of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in the diocese of Munster. Those affected should be involved from the beginning, explained Baumers. He hoped that a way would be found that would do justice to the legitimate interests of the people.

Expansion of intervention work an important concern

The vicar general of the diocese, Klaus Winterkamp, emphasized that the expansion of intervention work is an important concern for the diocese of Munster. "We still have a lot of catching up to do here, and by deciding to increase staffing in this area, we want to send a clear signal that we are facing up to our responsibility," Winterkamp said. Baumers, a social worker, previously worked at the Warendorf District Youth Welfare Office, where he had also already dealt with the ie of sexual abuse.

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