Musical joy of love

Musical joy of love

It has been much discussed, the pope's letter "Amoris laetitia" on marriage and the family. Soon to be heard as a spiritual cantata, it addresses the challenges and vocation of family, love and crises in marriage.

The much-discussed papal letter "Amoris laetitia" on marriage and family will soon be heard as a spiritual cantata. The first performance is scheduled for 26. April planned at Cremona Cathedral, reports Catholic press service SIR (Saturday).

"Great moments and abysses"

The work, "The Joy of Love – Great moments and abysses," was inspired by the letter Pope Francis published in April 2016 after two synods of bishops on the subject, it said. It was composed by Federico Mantovani based on a text by author Davide Rondoni.

The cantata is written for a soprano and a tenor voice, recitatives, choir and orchestra. "In 'Amoris laetitia,' Pope Francis reminds us that the Bible is just so populated with families, generations, with love stories and family crises," SIR quoted composer Mantovani as saying. Experiences from the attraction of the two sexes, through the ups and downs of family life, to the plea to God not to leave them alone, he wanted to trace in the cantata. The project is sponsored by the diocese of Cremona in Lombardy.

Controversial discussions

The roughly 300-page letter, "Amoris laetitia," is the subject of controversy among some primarily because it hints in a footnote at a possible path for remarried divorcees to confession and communion. Overall, however, it addresses the challenges and vocation of families, love and crises in marriage, education and pastoral care, as well as anthropological and theological foundations.

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