Murdered by drug cartel?

Murdered by drug cartel?

Mexico: Churchmen are murdered again and again © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

A kidnapped priest has been found dead in Mexico. The body was discovered on Sunday in the city of Junamuato (Michoacan state). This is what the Archdiocese of Morelia shared on its Facebook.

The Mexican bishops' conference spoke of an "inexcusable crime" and demanded that the murder be investigated.

Jose Alfredo Lopez Guillen was kidnapped from his parish apartment last Monday. One day later his car was found with traces of an accident.

Churchmen get caught up in the drug war

On Monday of last week, police in the state of Veracruz discovered the bodies of two priests on the side of a highway. They were also abducted from the rectory. According to media reports, the bodies showed signs of torture and gunshot wounds.

Veracruz and Michoacan are considered particularly dangerous states where rival drug cartels fight for power. Since the beginning of 2013, 14 priests, a seminarian and a sexton have been killed in Mexico. Two other clergymen are considered missing.

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