“Mea culpa” on 11. June?

The prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal William Levada, has requested forgiveness from Pope Benedict XVI. Held accountable for sexual abuse by priests and other church workers. The church leader could make a corresponding mea culpa at the closing ceremonies for the Year for Priests on 11. June speak.

Levada, would also, in his own words, "not be surprised" if there were more resignations of bishops in the wake of the abuse scandal. But one can not make any predictions, said the curia cardinal in an interview with the U.S. television channel PBS, which was broadcast on Tuesday (local time). At the same time, he encouraged bishops worldwide to "take concrete steps and put things on the table". The church is in a "great crisis," Levada said. "No one should try to diminish that."Even if crisis management did not correspond to the pope's training and professional background, Benedict XVI was. "the right man to lead the church at this time". The cardinal called the pope's various meetings with victims, most recently in Malta, an example for the clergy. "Nothing can help bishops or priests learn about this problem better than meeting with victims and hearing their stories," Levada said. The church needs to raise its standards in the formation and selection of candidates for the priesthood, Levada said. He said the causes of the abuse scandal also lie in societal changes that affect life "as a celibate person in a time of sexual revolution". Levada accused the media of pandering to the interests of victim advocates and failing to present a balanced picture.

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