Marliese kalthoff takes over

Marliese kalthoff takes over

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Good news from the Diocese of Aachen: Marliese Kalthoff, former managing director of a media house for the tourism and mobility industry, will be the new head of communications for the diocese and press spokeswoman for Bishop Helmut Dieser.

The media manager steps down from her post on 1. March, as the diocese announced on Wednesday. Kalthoff succeeds Jurgen Jansen. The theologian, who also heads the Strategic Controlling Department in the Episcopal General Vicariate, had temporarily taken over the task last June after his predecessor Ulrich Andree left the diocese after only one and a half months for personal reasons.

In mid-March 2020, the diocese had released its longtime head of communications, Stefan Wieland, from work. Dompropst Rolf-Peter Cremer had then taken over the office provisionally and was replaced by Andree in mid-April. Kalthoff is thus the fifth person in just under a year to hold the office.

Great wealth of experience

According to the diocese, Kalthoff, who comes from Julich, studied German, political science and economics in Bonn. She has been a journalist since 1991. From 2004, she headed the communications department at Edeka headquarters in Hamburg. In 2013, she took over as managing director of FVW Medien GmbH in the Hanseatic city, which specializes in the tourism industry, where she also worked as a publisher.

She gave up this position for the 30. June 2020 to devote himself to new tasks, according to FVW.

According to the Aachen diocese, Kalthoff has "a wealth of experience in change management, marketing and crisis communications, as well as in developing and expanding digital formats and platforms." Bishop This emphasized that a professional communication culture is important for the church.

This showed restructuring processes in the diocese, the processing of sexualized violence and the reform dialogue synodal way. "That's why Ms. Kalthoff's outside perspective and corporate experience will certainly help us to pursue innovative, engaging and high-profile ways of communicating," said Dieser.

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