Lying on the finances

The investigation of data mountains on international financial transactions by the CIA was particularly well known at the end of 2002 at the end of 2002, no one at that time in the terroria no one nobody said, which shows how the times have changed

The excitement was roughly as the coarse US newspapers New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times reported at the same time that the Ministry of Finance with the help of the CIA shortly after the 11.9. 2001 started to capture, store and analyze the account movements of millions of banks and individuals in the US and abroad. Secretly and legally fragwurrdig were monitored with the aid of the Financial Industry with the aid of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), the world’s largest communication network, communications on financial transactions (Transparency Total). The US government was initially trying to prevent the publication, and now criticize the newspapers that they had influenced rough damage to the country, as US Prassident Bush said.

In fact, the Americans were allowed to worry a little, if they have to learn now that not only their telecommunications will be accidental, but also their finances are open to the secret service CIA and other US resists. Like ubrit, the emerging criticism is trying to precede a counterattack, which ultimately accused the media more or less of the state treason. The Republican deputy Peter T. King of New York demanded in excess swine to accuse the New York Times That’s why. The publication is deterioration. He whose New York Times emphasized himself because they have already harmed the uncovering the secret space of NSA of national security. However, the activities of the other newspapers should be examined, but with all you do not want to spoil.

According to VicePrasident Cheney, Prasident Bush now entered media-scared to minimize the damage. As always, the "war against terrorism" justifies all the mains of the government whose prasident has already filed the law (the law I am). "We are in the war against a group of people who want to harm the United States of America. People who explain the program, and newspapers reported to the United States of America’s rough damage."This makes it harder to win the war against terrorism. For Bush, the government did the right thing that the congress had known that. Finance Minister John Snow had previously said that the monitoring of the banks of many Americans was not injury to the privacy, but – such bonmot "Government at it’s best" and very compliant with the "Democratic values".

This is not as surprising, this does not matter. Already on 24. September 2001, US Prasident Bush had an arrangement adopted to freeze the bank balances of Al-Qaeda members and their support. The United Nations retired in several resolutions to finance terrorism financially. However, terrorist organizations soon have been looking for new ways that run outside the international bank. Like other countries, the USA also set up a domain to search for suspicious money transients. The US Behords Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Fincen) was particularly active here and has also legal according to the Bank Secrecy Act data from US banks via suspicious movements (SUSPICIOUS Activity Report) associated with data from other agencies to financial networks to find from terrorists. In 2004, the US government, dissatisfied with the activities of other countries, prepared to legally overwake the bank rejections from and to the United States. Incidentally, however, Ministry of Finance and Cia Uber Swift have secretly preserved and searched an unknown amount of data on financial transactions.

Again, that’s not new, only it was unknown the broad publicity. The after the 11.9. Due to the Resolution 1363 of the UN Security Council set up Al Qaeda and Taliban Monitoring Group, which should develop Mills to get bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and the groups and persons associated with them, also searched for ways to finance terrorism stop. A report of the group of the end of 2002 made it clear that the funds for al-Qaeda are hardly any more about the international banking system, but can be transferred directly or transferred to the Islamic, barely controlling Hawala system (on the hunt for the sickness of terror , Inc., The banking system of the poor). In addition, it was criticized that many countries are not really cooperative, even if new macers were taken by many states and international organizations to discover and prevent the financial tracts and identify the persons who are wearing them. The report then says:

The Settlement of International Transactions Is Usually Handled Through Correspondent Banking Relationships or Large-Value Message and Payment Systems, Search as the Swift, Fedwire or Chips Systems in The United States of America. Search International Clearance Centers Are Critical To Processing International Banking Transactions and Are Rich With Payment Information. The United States Has Begon to Apply New Monitoring Techniques to Spot and Verify Suspicious Transactions. The Group Recommends The Adoption of Similar Mechanisms by Other Countries.

Thus, it is clear that the United Nations and probably also government-friendly other countries who worked with the United States had noted the latest since the end of 2002 that the US government information on the UB SWIFT, probably also via other international networks information on financial Transactions overwake, even if the ejector was not known. The UN report was and is also publicly accessible via the Internet everyone, which means that the US government had no concerns at least in 2002 not to inform their monitoring activities. Still, people in the US and in the other countries stood under the impression of the terrorist attack of the 11.9. and hitting from others like the tourist town in Bali, during the war was prepared for Iraq. The solidarity with the US government and all of what she made was almost necessarily, the US burger stood closed behind Bush, criticism was not opportune. The situation has changed fundamentally in 2006.

As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, the US Finance Ministry had all allegedly demanded only a limited amount of data. However, since Swift was required for it or that data protection at that time considered not particularly significant, US authority was simply maintained access to all data. From 2003, however, one seems to have gotten in the banking world cold fruze and searched for aware that only limited searches are made to terror-shaped. Finally, the banking sector is falling with the trust of customers. Then Swift was at least the possibility of possession of the US government to look at the data collectors on the shoulder. Finally, one agreed on a lazy, the legitimate only to the delighted compromise. Every month, the Ministry of Finance filed an arrangement (subpoena) and thus continued to receive huge amounts of data, even if allegedly every search can be recorded and checked by Swift and the acquired Booz all Hamilton. How far congress members were informed about it from the beginning, is not known yet. Allegedly, ma-vgorous members were informed and trusted that there were adequate controls for the monitoring action.

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