Looking to fulda

Looking to fulda

German bishops © Uwe Zucchi

This week, the bishops are meeting in Fulda for their autumn plenary session. They have been discussing reforms in the church and how to continue to deal with the abuse scandal.

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The meeting is expected with particular excitement, after there had been admonitions from the Vatican in advance not to go German special ways. The president of the Bishops' Conference, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, had spoken with Pope Francis, among others, in recent days to dispel irritations following the objections from Rome.

Several protests announced

Even among the bishops, there are differing catches on how widely contentious ies such as sexual morality, celibacy and the role of women in the church should be discussed.

Climate protection and refugees are also topics

The four-day meeting will also focus on developments following the recent state elections, the climate debate and the commitment to refugees. Sixty-nine members of the Bishops' Conference, led by Cardinal Marx, took part in the consultations.

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