Libya and the oblue nato

The country is not unity no longer. The British Special Representative Powell now emphasized that it "No military intervention" Give and demanded diplomatic solutions, but how to look like this, nobody

Of course, the pool SPAB film has the famous symbol content: militias, which, according to the Libyan Parliament named General National Congress (used the English Undercoat GNC), should guard the US Embassy in Tripoli, romp in the swimming pool on the landing of the message. The diplomats had left a few weeks ago.

American government officials are now in explanations to the point, but beautifully emphasize that the sore was safe and under control. To the situation in Libya, the CNN interviewed official of the Au-Abin Ministry is that they are very closely pursuing them. He notes that they remain very uncertain.

New news gives him completely right and it does not need a swimming pool party in the embassy as a symbol of that that the situation in Libya is advanced. Two parallel parliaments, mentioned, revived hull GNC and that of a small fraction of the Libyan Volkure (18%) elected House of Representatives (reported in English speaking: "House of Representatives" respectively. HOR) compete with each other and each provide a ministerial priority that is not recognized by the other side – and the whole thing takes place against the background of a militia war, whose fractions are linked in different ways to the respective parliamentary members and government departments.

In addition, the dimension of the Deputy War, in which further parties are entangled. How shortly the United Arab Emirates demonstrated by air suspensions; Egypt, who allegedly delivered start and runways for the hunting bomber American design; Qatar, who has long been involved in Libya and calling for militia that operate on the other side than those who support the Egypt and the UAE; Turkey, also added to the Libyan Muslim Brutern, and there are still the Interress of Saudi Arabia and as well as last but not least the US, Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany.

The British special sentiment for Libya, Jonathan Powell, now attended the Hor parliament, which is released into the east to Tobruk, because in the capital Tripoli was too dangerous for the deputies. Yesterday, it bothered that many government buildings are in the hands of those groups under the name "Operation Morgenrote" Congring and briefly conquered the international airport in Tripoli and destroyed. You have better relationships with the GNC.

Since the HOR has emerged from general elections – which had a miserable voter and only due to a coup against the old parliament – so stop the British special sentiment the hor for the legitimate representative of Libya.

Its decision is facilitated by a certain continuity: the Minister Prosident, which the Hor determined, is the old one: Abdullah Al-Thinni. On the other hand, this speaks that the new elections inflow the Islamist parties a defeat (which is why they revived the old parliament, the GNC). So Powell explained that Great Britain explained the "Legitimate of the Libyan Parliament" appreciate and said the hor.

Probably the other western states will be adhered to the regional power adjacent Libya, Egypt, has taken a party. It supports Chalifa Haftar, the militia driver, which has the new elections with violence, has good relationships with the US and his power struggle under the poster "Fight against Islamists" has provided what offers many docking possibilities.

Noteworthy is Powell’s explanation, according to which there is no military intervention, as some Libyan politicians had demanded by NATO countries. The conflict should be solved with diplomatic means, so Powell, during the "Airport war" Added in Bengasi. In fact, Libya is currently not just a failed state, but also a splatter. You may be curious how the topic of Libya is treated with the upcoming NATO summit.

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