“Justice, accountability and reparations.”

Church abuse victims in Ireland demonstrated Wednesday with a silent march in Dublin. At a rally at noon, they also presented a petition to the Conference of Religious Orders in Ireland (CORI), according to the daily newspaper The Irish Times. In the report, protesters demand "justice, accountability and reparations" for the "unimaginable crimes perpetrated against our country's children by religious orders in 216 institutions."

Demonstrators symbolically placed children's shoes at the entrance gate to Parliament and tied white ribbons to the building's railings as a sign of respect for the victims. In the run-up to the event, it was said that the silence was only to be broken in order to read out the names of the 216 institutions affected during the handover of the petition to CORI representatives. Afterwards, the demonstrators released 108 white and 108 black balloons into the sky. Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, who did not attend the event, sent his apologies. He discussed at the same time in the Bishops' Conference details of the so-called Ryan Report on the cases of abuse. Attending on his behalf were his secretary, Paul Callon, and the diocese's child protection officer, Phil Garland. According to the recently published independent report, children were beaten, abused or sexually abused for years in Catholic educational institutions in Ireland.

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