“It is a scandal to save money in the fight against aids”

For six days, on 18. International AIDS conference in Vienna Scientists, sufferers, activists and politicians discuss causes and possible therapies for the disease. At the end of the meeting, Klemens Ochel of the Mission Medical Institute warned against reducing financial support in the fight against AIDS.

There was a tremendous amount of tension at the conference. On the one hand, the successes in the fight against HIV and AIDS became visible. Here's how efforts toward universal treatment are apparently paying off. More and more people have access to drugs and treatment; currently more than five million. This would have been unthinkable ten years ago.
I hope that in the process the fears and signs pointing in the direction of cutbacks will not come true. Moreover, under no circumstances should different aspects of the poverty reduction goals agreed upon in 2000 be played off against each other. Along the lines of: there's not enough money for maternal and child health care, so let's cut back on spending in the fight against AIDS.

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