“Invite your bishops into your kitchens”

At the end of the week-long protest Maria 2.0 the initiators drew a positive balance. They call for further action, for example, to talk to the bishop – in the kitchen.

At the end of the week-long protest Maria 2.0 the initiators have drawn a positive balance. At the same time they announced to insist on church reforms with further actions. The initiative was "not a flash in the pan". Several bishops expressed understanding for the displeasure, but criticized the call to boycott church services.

Mary 2.0 demands, among other things, the access of women to all church offices, a consistent clarification of the abuse cases and a renewed sexual morality. The initiators had called for a week not to enter a church and to let voluntary services rest.

Initial conclusion: over 1.000 groups in Germany

As a "voluntary initiative without money or personnel," they have no overall view of the participation, co-initiator Lisa Kotter told the Catholic News Agency. But they knew of more than 1.000 groups involved in Germany "with several tens of thousands of people at least".

On BR and WDR, Kotter on Sunday called for further action to continue the reform debates: "Invite your bishops into your kitchens. Not in their hierarchical function, but as fellow Christians. And then we talk to each other". There should also be further vigils and protest actions.

Reactions of the bishops

"The Eucharist cannot be an instrument of such a protest," Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, who is responsible for women's ies in the bishops' conference, said in a KNA interview. At the same time, he expressed understanding for the concerns: "There will be divisions if well-founded demands for reform are not taken seriously and if we do not also come to new answers in the changes of the world."

The Bishop of Essen, Franz-Josef Overbeck, expressed similar sentiments. The "Synodal Way" initiated by the bishops will also have to deal with the ie of justice between the sexes. Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki of Cologne indirectly criticized the campaign when he said during a sermon in the Marian pilgrimage site of Bodingen: "Here we encounter a Mary who is not used to enforce church-political considerations."

Berlin Archbishop Heiner Koch said on rbb: "I take these women very seriously with what they want to bring in." Wurzburg Bishop Franz Jung and Erfurt Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr called for a new debate on the ordination of women, which has been ruled out until now.

"No flash in the pan"

Maria Flachsbarth, President of the Catholic German Women's Association (KDFB), spoke of an overwhelming response. Mary 2.0 had shown that the demands were not only supported by "a few crazy activists at the top of women's associations" but "by the broad majority of women at grassroots level".

The wave of protests is "not a flash in the pan," explained the president of the Catholic Women's Association kfd, Mechthild Heil. "If we don't have visible and tangible changes soon, the official church runs the risk that women will turn their backs on it in droves."

Protestant theologian Margot Kabmann praised the action: "It's about time that women finally publicly represent the churches, but also the other religious communities, Judaism, Islam. If half of heaven is supposedly ours, we can practice it here on earth."

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