Investigation against archbishop ventura

Investigation against archbishop ventura

He is accused of sexual assault in several cases. Now the Vatican has lifted the diplomatic immunity of its ambassador to France, Archbishop Luigi Ventura. A complaint against the nuncio is already pending.

The papal press office confirmed corresponding reports, which French media had spread with reference to the foreign ministry in Paris.

Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said Monday the move was related to criminal investigations against the nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Ventura. The 74-year-old is accused of sexual assault.

Waiver of immunity

The Vatican further confirmed that the Holy See communicated its decision to lift immunity to French authorities last week.

French media reported a letter to that effect arrived in Paris late last week. The French prosecutor's office had made the request in question in March.

Allegations: sexually assaultive behavior in several cases

Vatican spokesman Gisotti said Ventura had expressed willingness to cooperate fully with French judicial authorities from the outset. The Holy See had wanted to wait for the outcome of a preliminary investigation before making a decision; the results of the investigation were announced at the end of June.

The nuncio is accused of sexually assaultive behavior in several cases. Among other things, he reportedly indecently touched a young man from the international relations delegation at Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo's New Year's reception in mid-January.

Complaint against ambassador in Paris

The man in question met last week with the head of the Child Protection Center at the Gregorian University in Rome, Hans Zollner. He also sued the nuncio in Paris at the Vatican.

Ventura has been Vatican envoy to France since 2009. Previously, he served as papal ambassador to several African countries, Chile and Canada.

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