Implementation of the directive

Implementation of the directive

Pope Francis had tightened guidelines in cracking down on sexual abuse. In Latin America, corresponding departments are now to be created in all dioceses within a maximum of one year.

Before June 2020, all Latin American dioceses should have a department to take leads on possible acts of abuse committed by church employees. Implementing a directive ied by Pope Francis, the new president of the Latin American bishops' council CELAM, Archbishop Miguel Cabrejos, announced.

Support of the Pope

The archbishop of Trujillo and president of the Peruvian Bishops' Conference announced, according to the daily newspaper "El Comercio" (Tuesday online edition), that he would do everything in his power to support Francis in his project. This pope needs great support for everything he does at the head of the church, Cabrejos said.

Tightening the norms

The paper recently published by the head of the Church provides for tightened norms in the fight against clergy sexual abuse. The law includes new procedures for criminal reporting and introduces a worldwide reporting requirement.

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