High compensationmme

High compensationmme

Symbolic image of abuse © R.Classen (shutterstock)

Huge sum: Since 2000, the Archdiocese of Chicago says it has paid about $200 million to victims of sexual assault by church employees. This is according to a statement from the archdiocese.

One Minnesota law firm alone received about $80 million for its clients, 40 percent of the total amount.

The head of the chancery, Jeff Anderson, said at a press conference in Chicago that the payments went to 160 victims who were abused by nearly 50 abusers. According to Anderson, his clients received an average of about 500.000 dollars as compensation.

Some victims were compensated with millions, others received only a few tens of thousands of dollars.

Positive "climate change" between law firm and archdiocese

Anderson called his chancery's relationship with the archdiocese "exhausting and inconsistent". But there has been a positive "climate change" in recent years, they said.

In July, the Chicago Tribune newspaper, citing information from archdiocesan staff, had reported that estimates indicate an additional $156 million in additional compensation could be paid over the next few years.

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