“He is not doing himself any favors”

The dispute between the Catholic Church and the Greens continues: Volker Beck has now called Cologne Cardinal Joachim Meisner a "preacher of hate. The archdiocese reserves the right to take legal action. An FDP member of the Bundestag criticizes Beck. First Green politicians also distance themselves from their party colleague – but support his criticism.

"The statements of Cardinal Meisner must be criticized" Green Party parliamentary group leader Renate Kunast and Bundestag vice president Katrin Goring-Eckardt (Greens) have distanced themselves from statements made by their party colleague Volker Beck about Cologne Cardinal Joachim Meisner. The parliamentary manager of the Green parliamentary group had called Meisner a "hate preacher". This expression of Beck is "inappropriate and inadequate", Kunast told the Berlin "Tagesspiegel".Goring-Eckardt said: "Volker Beck does himself and the cause no favor, if he fuels the controversy with inappropriate words."At the same time, the two Green politicians sided with Beck in terms of content in the dispute over statements made by the cardinal about non-marital unions. "The statements of Cardinal Meisner must be criticized," said Kunast. Actually, he said, the Catholic Church should be grateful for anyone who, in the 21. He said that in the twentieth century he took responsibility for other adults or for children.

Background: A sermon of the Cardina "Cardinal Meisner once again acts as a self-righteous preacher of hate, because he denies the right to exist to entire groups of people," quotes the Hamburg news magazine "Der Spiegel" in its new ie, the parliamentary director of the Green parliamentary group in the Bundestag. Background: A sermon by the cardinal.According to Spiegel, the cardinal had criticized the increasing number of cohabiting couples in the Swiss pilgrimage town of Einsiedeln. The cardinal had there on 7. October celebrated the feast of the "Queen of the Rosary" with about 2000 believers. From Meisner's sermon, "Der Spiegel" cites the statement: "The so-called alternative models of human sexual coexistence are untrue, however, and therefore essentially pernicious for human beings. Mankind is destroying itself here." Whether these words have actually fallen so, for it there is still no confirmation.

The most primal task of a Catholic bishop The archdiocese Cologne examines further steps against the Greens politician according to own data. "The Archdiocese of Cologne will carefully examine the statements of Mr. Volker Beck against Joachim Cardinal Meisner and reserve the right to take further steps," reads the statement distributed by the press office in Cologne on Saturday. In it, the vicariate general recalls that only in June the archdiocese had obtained an injunction against Cologne cabaret artist Jurgen Becker, who had also called the cardinal a "preacher of hate".Meisner's sermon in the Swiss pilgrimage site of Einsiedeln, the Archdiocese of Cologne's press release continues, did "what is his duty as a bishop: to proclaim church teaching and to defend the value and dignity of marriage and family. With this he did not deny anyone the right to exist. Rather, he underscored the importance of marriage and family to human society. This is the very own task of a catholic bishop. He does not let anyone take away his right to do so.

"Church criticism without any measure" FDP member of the Bundestag Werner Hoyer accuses the Greens of having "meanwhile lost all moderation" in their dealings with the Catholic Church. As an active church member in the archdiocese of Cologne, he also has much to criticize about Meisner's positions – not least with regard to his socio-political ideas, writes the liberal in a press release on the "hate preacher" accusation raised by Volker Beck against the cardinal. However, Hoyer said, putting the archbishop of Cologne in the vicinity of "terrorists, Islamists and suicide bombers" is "simply indecent". Beck immediately rejected this accusation, saying that he had not wanted to place Cardinal Meisner "in the vicinity of terrorists. Rather, he had put a "crude" chock on Meisner's sermon in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, Beck said, because in it the cardinal had shown himself to be a religious leader who put "the right faith above the rights of people". The term "hate preacher" used by him is thus aimed at the content of the sermon of the Archbishop of Cologne.

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