“Having a say in all matters”

Catholic youth associations demand more co-determination of young people © Cristian Gennari (KNA)

German-speaking Catholic youth associations join forces to call for change and more say in shaping church. The paper is to be the basis for the upcoming youth synod in the Vatican.

Those responsible for Catholic youth work from German-speaking countries demand changes in the church in a joint declaration. Among other things, one speaks out for more co-determination of young people, for the recognition of different sexual orientations and gender diversity, as well as for a transparent church, announced the Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ) on Sunday in Munich.

Joint declaration of the German-speaking youth associations

Accordingly, the declaration is signed by the BDKJ, the Catholic Jungschar of South Tyrol (KJS), South Tyrol's Catholic Youth (SKJ), the Catholic Youth of Austria (KJo) and representatives of youth pastoral from Switzerland. The joint declaration is the result of the first networking meeting of representatives of church youth work from the German-speaking countries, which took place from Friday to Sunday in Munich.

The BDKJ had organized the meeting, according to its own information, in order to develop a common position of the German-speaking Catholic youth work for the upcoming youth synod and to examine the possibilities of a permanent exchange. At the synod want from 3. to 28. October Bishops meet on the topic of "Young people, faith and vocational discernment.

"Open culture of conversation"

The BDKJ Federal President Thomas Andonie explained: "With this paper we bring the perspective of children, adolescents and young adults into the current discussions. Young people must have their own spaces in the church, and it must be possible for them to have a say in all matters."

Magdalena Bachleitner, honorary chairwoman of the Catholic Youth of Austria (KJo), added: "We wish the bishops and synod fathers the same open culture of discussion and the courage to address sensitive ies as we have done this weekend."According to the BDKJ, the networking meeting was sponsored as an international exchange of experts with funds from the Federal Child and Youth Plan. (CBA)

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