Harsh penalties for violence against women

Harsh penalties for violence against women

On the occasion of the international day of remembrance "No to Violence against Women" this Friday, the Catholic German Women's Association calls for harsher punishments for perpetrators of violence. Violence against women is a violation of human dignity.

In addition it is discriminating and prevents equal rights, explained the president of the Catholic German woman federation (KDFB), Maria Flachsbarth, on Wednesday in Cologne. In order to protect those affected, the Women's Federation is calling for stricter criminal law against men who treat women as objects and thus deny them equality and dignity.

Breaking silence

One in three women in Germany has been affected by physical, sexual or psychological violence. This is shameful and not to be tolerated. "We want to encourage women to overcome fear and shame and break their silence. Those who receive help can more easily find new perspectives on life," said Flachsbarth.

Nationwide help hotline switched on

The KDFB therefore encourages those affected to contact the nationwide help hotline "Violence against Women" at the toll-free number 08000 116016. Advice is also given on cyberbullying. "There is an urgent need to advise women on how to deal with digital harassment and psychological terror," says Flachsbarth.

According to its own information, the KDFB is an independent women's association with about 200 nationwide.000 members. Accordingly, he advocates equal participation of women in politics, society and church.

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