Germany in the ban

Labeling obligation for smoker is overwhelmed!

To forbid! To forbid! To forbid! Yes, we all have been banned for banned for weeks. Of course we are for an immediate ban on gluing bulbs and heatable toilet goggles. A Dieter-Bohlen ban was also good for us. And that advancing to supermarket funds prohibited, goes by itself.

But sometimes the bans just do not go far enough. Example: Smoking. So instead, as planned in Lower Saxony, to mark smoker pubs with a R like smoking, you would rather mark the smokers with it. This could be so embarrassing for them in the health-correct non-smoking public, that they finally stop. Or one follows the bold, but from absolutely sophisticated reasons unfortunately again stopped plan of a vocational school for nurse in the Belgian Oostende. There should be the Schuler in the breaks smoking, but only if you wear a recording with a smoking in your clothes. And they have deserved, the other with their dangerous smoking, such mails anyway already long.

The smoking ban on driving is somehow not far enough. Forbidden, by name, the drink during the ride. If some coffee platters on the leg dress of the driver, this is headed out in dangerous. Similarly, it looks with the food in the car. Also banned a few passeners, because the driver uses them and then no longer concentrated ride. Children in the car must also be banned, they also direct them from shouting, prefabricated remarks or pathogenes such as: "Dad, I have to go to the toilet!"

Forbidden the radiohoren in the car, because the music is often so goodful that the driver reacts to it aggressively. For the same reason, any song of passengers in the car must be banned. And, of course, briefly drowned women are not looking for the strain because they distract a lot of road users too much too much. As you can see, there is still a lot to ban with us. Let’s put it on! And then we finally come back to more important things.

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