Former archbishop of paraiba

Former archbishop of paraiba

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The former archbishop of Paraiba, Aldo di Cillo Pagotto, has died of covid-19 at age 70. In early April, Pagotto was admitted to a hospital in the city of Fortaleza with pneumonia.

Aldo di Cillo Pagotto died of covid-19 at the age of 70, Brazilian media reported Thursday evening (local time).

Pagotto was ordained a bishop on 1. April admitted to hospital in city of Fortaleza with pneumonia. He died there already on Tuesday. His body was temporarily buried in Fortaleza; it will later be transferred to Joao Pessoa, the episcopal see of Paraiba.

Pagotto had been battling cancer since 2017

A native of Brazil's largest state, Sao Paulo, Pagotto served as bishop of Sobral in the state of Ceara from 1998 to 2004 before being named archbishop of the diocese of Paraiba. In 2016, he resigned. Since 2017, he has battled multiple bouts with cancer. He belonged to the Order of Eucharistic Fathers, also called the Congregation of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Several allegations against the bishop fall into his term of office. He is said to have covered up for clergymen who were under investigation for sexual abuse of minors. Pagotto himself was also accused of having relations with minors.

Pagotto submitted resignation

Shortly before his resignation, the pope had decreed that bishops could lose their posts if they were guilty of a serious breach of due diligence in tackling sexual abuse of minors. Pagotto was the second bishop to resign after the decree was published.

He took legal action against the accusations. Although they were archived in 2017 because the cases were time-barred. However, the Diocese of Paraiba was ordered to pay 2.1 million euros in late 2018 in connection with abuse allegations.

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