Floral line in brazil decided thing

With their decision, the Brazilian government wants to accelerate the controversial project that will not come to the poor, as claimed, benefits

With regard to the 2006 elections in Brazil, Lula Da Silva has something special for the "Velho Chico" Established (Rio Sao Francisco – Lulas Transamazônica?To). However, his tarpaulin stobbing in some brazilians on little counter-love – especially in the enabled main beneficiaries, the population of the semi-domestic northeast. Especially because of this renitent clientelium, the gait was now created, Democratic brake pad you sit aside.

The Brazilian Environmental Office Ibama (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renovaveis) should organize the federal states in the states concerned in order to achieve a positive or negative decision on a permit of the construction project. Of the eight abandonments were held (in the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Ceara, Paraiba and Pernambuco), the others were aborted due to loud protests – as in Sergipe and Maceio. A new edition of hearings is unlikely.

In order to prevent another delay of the project, the Government, during the Carnival, announced the beginning of the work in May – independently of the exit of further, possibly still held annulment and paid by the massive protests of the last weeks. And some Brazilian is now eliminated, Wofur and whatever hopes accompanies this government has once started.

Floral line in Brazil decided thing

Fruit attachment in the Sao Francisco valley through the state codeVASF. CA are currently about. 100,000 hectares. The aim is the expansion on the agricultural industrial sector, including areas such as aquaculture. In 2003, 95% of Brazilian mango exports came from the area. (Source: Companhia de Desenvolvimento do Vale do Sao Francisco E do Parnaiba (Codevasf)

A World Bank Experts, which was demanded by Journalists, had advised against the redirection and instead should be considered that the poor of the area is not – as claimed by the government officials – to pay the project’s facilitated. In particular, the North Channel Section, which Lula has already named Furtado after the OKONOM CELSO, is oconomically askwurrdig: With his help, the cost of avoiding agricultural useful flats was allocated to the population. Again, the Brazilian society will be asked to pay for the benefit of rough local exporters of agricultural products as well as importers in the industrialized nations.

The World Bank Report brings the government into a difficult position, but he also damages the ratio to the redirect lobby. And the government, in turn, leave nothing for nothing to compelerate and discredit the report. Because he also raises uncomfortable questions, Z.B. After the numerous unfinished or. Broke water supply and garbage projects in the region.

In addition, it is estimated that with the project preparation, the water bills for the inhabitants of the city’s northeast will be up to 30% more expensive. This is an unpleasant number – the Hydrologist Joao Abner Guimaraes Filho, Universidade Federal DO Rio Grande do Norte, calls the whole thing "A kind of Trojan horse". Paulo Brito, head project coordinator of the government, gladly helps and denounces critics who handle this number, as a terrorist – because of the facts of the "Apocalyptic propaganda".

Nonetheless – Brito emphasizes that, the World Bank (next to Japan Bank for International Cooperation) appears as a donor. However, she wants to see the coarse part of the funds in improving the situation so far underserved areas – nationwide.

The Chef Coordinator of the Comitê Da Bacia Hidrografico do Sao Francisco (CBHSF), Luiz Carlos da Silveira Fontes, also has unclear questions to offer, Z.B.:

If it is the intention of Lulas to help people suffering from dryness, which is why he is on the enforcement of this project, which has proven only the prime concerned interests of the elites of "Durre industry", Gross farms, companies and politicians serves?

But the representatives of the state power want those skilled in the art, who still prefer projects to revive the river and its adjoining areas, no longer.

Suitable Portuguese Journalists for Grande Reporting (Jornal de Noticias, Diario de Noticias) just the real meaning of state colors and their proportions – as Brazil here.

Grun: People who live with less than $ 10 a month Yellow: people who live with less than $ 100 a month Blue: people who live with less than $ 1000 a month wife: people with more than 100,000 dollars per Living month (other versions give $ 500,000)

The motto not shown for the French Positive Positive Auguste Comte (1798-1857) "Ordem E Progresso" ("order and progress") appears in another light.

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