Flight simulator: openstreetmap errors lit buildings in the high

Flight Simulator: OpenStreetMap errors lit buildings in the high

It protrits into the sky like a broken space lift: Anyone who flies in the Microsoft Flight Simulator about a suburb of Melbournes, gets an outstanding living or bureauca to face, which is plenty in the otherwise flat-built area plenty.

Heise-Video-Producer Michael Wieczorek discovers the colos in Melbourne (from minute 15:15)

Hundreds of meters stretches this structurally fragment "monolith", As described in many internet users, into the high. Players of the Flight Simulator Meanwhile, to have identified the reason for the involuntary sightedness: Responsible is probably a typo in the Card Database OpenStreetmap (OSM). A user named "NathWright120" Have probably registered at OSM for the building accidentally 212 instead of the actual 2 floors.

The mistake that happened about a year ago is now corrected according to the Internet detectives. Apparently, Microsoft in the building degeneration but still on the faulty data from OpenStreetMap. Because in the flight simulator the complete planet surface is modeled, even such a striking Patzer could remain undiscovered before release. So it is not excluded that players in the coming weeks more curiosities in the world of flight simulator traces of track.

We complete the flight school together and look at the planes and airport of the release version of the new flight simulator.

Satellite and map information

For the modeling of the game world, the ASOBO developers are based on a mix of satellite data, map information and KI algorithms. On satellite recordings of the area, Microsoft places so buildings whose locations are set about their own card service bing. The OpenStreetMap database is used for additional information as the high of these buildings.

In certain areas, Microsoft replaces these generated bads by praciser modeled buildings that are formulated with the help of aerial photography. Because many of these data are streamed on the PC, users can also require a stable internet connection to the Microsoft Flight Simulator on high details in addition to strong hardware.

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