Finding good and cheap car insurance: it’s all about the price

If you have a car, you have to take out car insurance for it. This is currently available from over 90 insurance companies. Although the number of car insurers is decreasing, the number of rates is increasing – in the car insurance comparison on check24.De are more than 300 different tariffs included. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to choose the right insurance for their car. The following guide is designed to help you make the right decision.

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Why do you need car insurance and what is the purpose of a car insurance cover letter??


A motor vehicle liability insurance policy is part of the mandatory equipment of every car owner. it is a compulsory insurance, without which a car cannot be registered. That’s simply because, that a car being heavy and fast can cause great damage, can injure people and even cause their deaths. A short attention is enough. Since costs can quickly run into the millions, especially in the case of accidents involving personal injury, car insurance is indispensable. Because it pays for damage caused by the motorist to other people’s property or to other people’s property. Such auto liability insurances are often together with partial and fully comprehensive insurance policies available to cover additional damage to your own car. Partial casco covers damage to the insured person’s own car caused by external factors – for example, marten bites, hail damage or falling rocks. And fully comprehensive insurance pays for repairs if the car has to be taken to the workshop through the owner’s fault.

this car insurance also protects against vandalism!

finding good and cheap car insurance: it's all about the price

✓ first-class protection for you and your car
✓ TuV-NORD-tested damage service
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To the provider

Many insurance companies offer customers who travel a lot, both abroad and inland, a insurance policy To. This is an additional benefit. In the event of a breakdown, an accident or problems on the road, a motor insurance policy takes effect and offers fast and reliable assistance from the appropriate service staff. For example, costs for towing services, overnight accommodation costs or the organization of a rental car are covered.

Tip: the mallorca policy represents a sometimes sensible extension of classic car insurance and is now included as standard in many tariffs. Consumers who often travel in other european countries and rent a car there enjoy corresponding insurance protection.

When does car insurance actually start and how much does it cost??

Many consumers wonder when a car insurance policy takes effect. Anyone wishing to take out an insurance policy selects the desired insurance start date individually when submitting an application. However, the insurance coverage only with premium payment. Since this usually takes place at a later date, but the car can be registered with the electronic insurance confirmation (double card) immediately after the insurance policy has been taken out, the so-called provisional confirmation of cover applies in the meantime. This ends as soon as the policyholder has received all the documents and paid the first premium.

The cost of car liability or comprehensive insurance depends on the contractually defined benefits in kind and money (sum insured) of the respective provider. Furthermore, the following points represent important factors that influence the premium:

  • No-claims class (SF class)
  • age of the policyholder/driver
  • Model of the vehicle
  • Change of insurance or conclusion of a new contract
  • type of fuel for the car
  • type of use of the vehicle insurance (private or commercial)
  • mileage per year
  • Type of license plate of the vehicle
  • Parking of the car
  • Additional insurance such as legal protection in road traffic
  • Residence
  • Claims settled in the last insurance policy
  • Payment method and payment interval

While liability insurance is available from around 10 euros per month, partial cover insurance is offered from around 15 euros. Fully comprehensive insurance is the most expensive, with a monthly price of around 25 euros.

Tip: those who insure themselves online can save money. car and motorcycle insurance is often available on the internet from direct insurers at favorable rates.

Telematics tariff and no-claims class

Some insurance companies offer telematics tariffs. These are based on a monitoring system that analyzes driving style. Often a suitable app or other device is used for this purpose. It records behavior in road traffic and monitors speed, among other things. If the insured person follows all the rules, he receives a certain discount on his insurance premium. This is a way to save money. With allianz and cosmosdirekt, consumers can save up to 30 percent. AXA offers a suitable tariff that allows you to save up to 15%. This is particularly worthwhile for young drivers who are still classified in a low SF class. Another disadvantage is that a lot of data is disclosed.

finding good and cheap car insurance: it's all about the price

✓ easy, fast and inexpensive take out a policy directly online now and save up to 400 EUR.
✓ extend protection individually z. B. With the discount protection in the premium tariff you have one claim free per year.
✓ insurance confirmation directly by e-mail.

To the provider

At what point does the motor vehicle insurance premium increase and by how many percent does it increase after an accident??

The downgrade after a claim is made depending on the insurance company. Basically, this happens only when there is an accident. In addition, a general increase in premiums or a change of vehicle can lead to higher expenses.

Since every company uses a different calculation for downgrading, it is difficult to make a general statement at this point.

When will my car insurance become cheaper and by how many percent will my premiums drop??


The car insurance costs become cheaper with every accident-free year. This is because consumers move up one no-claims class each year if they have not had an accident. It therefore also has advantages in this respect, in road traffic careful and foresighted to act.

The percentage by which an automobile insurance policy lowers premiums depends on the individual product. Since the percentage can change over the years, it is recommended to check and make an insurance comparison for the car.

However, there are orientation values.

For example, insureds in SF class 2 still approx. 85 percent the premium and in SF class 5 it is only around 50 percent.

In addition to a better no-claims class, there are other factors that can be taken into account when deciding on an insurance premium reduction of the sum insured decide:

  • change of profession
  • Changes in family status
  • Lower mileage per year
  • Restricted group of people using the vehicle
  • Secure parking of the car

How can I get a no-claims class transferred??


It is possible to take over part or all of the claim-free years from a family member. As a rule of thumb a maximum of only as many years can be carried over as the recipient holds the car driver’s license. A novice driver therefore benefits little from the transfer of the claim-free years of the parents.

in the car insurance comparison, it is noticeable that there are companies that allow the transfer of the no-claims class to other groups of people. It may therefore be possible to help out your best friend or colleague. As part of the transfer of the claim-free years, consumers can take out a new car insurance policy at a favorable rate or use the transferor’s rate.

If you decide to transfer your no-claims bonus, you cannot reverse this later on. Therefore, it is recommended to think carefully about who should receive this bonus. Children are the most likely to have their no-claims bonus transferred from their parents or grandparents in order to save on insurance fees. There is often a condition that all persons involved must live in the same household.

As of when do i have to pay my car insurance after taking over the no-claims class?

people who take out new insurance with a transfer of the no-claims class have the same obligations as other policyholders. This means that the first payment is due as soon as the applicant is accepted by his new insurance company.

From when are the premiums of the car insurance due?

Who changes a car insurance after a comparison with the insurance calculator, would like to know when the first payment is made. Insurance providers, after accepting an insurance quote, typically require that the premium paid immediately will. When it is due the next time depends on the agreements with the company. Often consumers can choose a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment method.

Tip: the different rates and premium amounts for car insurance are particularly easy to understand in an online comparison. Furthermore, an insurance comparison serves to reveal the personal savings potential.

If you compare car insurance, you can sometimes save a few hundred euros a year. in addition, there is a small discount for annual payments.

Car insurance comparison for special groups of people

Which car insurance waives the credit check?

people who want to change their car insurance and entries with schufa often fear being rejected. Because nowadays, all car insurance providers in germany offer a credit check by in order to avoid a possible loss of payment. They accept people with a negative entry in schufa on the condition that they pay their premium in advance. This means you have to pay the premium for the year in advance. In addition, only the basic liability insurance is available to these persons, without partial cover, fully comprehensive cover or protection insurance. by the way, your application for it may not be rejected, because it is a compulsory insurance (just like health insurance). Furthermore, it is possible to insure the car through a family member. then people with bad credit rating can choose higher coverage amounts, but must not forget to indicate themselves in the driver’s circle. Otherwise, there will be problems in the event of a claim.

finding good and cheap car insurance: it's all about the price

✓ quick help and extra services in the event of a claim
✓ new premium module for even more comprehensive cover
✓ new smart repair offer as part of top cover
✓ save with the bundled benefit on other private gothaer policies

To the provider

What does fully comprehensive motor insurance cost for beginners??

All those who have obtained their driver’s license within the last two years are considered novice drivers. These people therefore have little driving experience and a correspondingly higher risk of causing an accident. For this reason, they are classified in SF class 0 and have to pay the full premium rate. In the insurance calculator for cars has shown that a fully comprehensive insurance cost up to 1750 euros per year can. Partially comprehensive insurance often costs a few hundred euros less per year.

For there are special insurance rates for novice drivers, depending on the provider and the chosen tariff. For this reason, it is worth seeking advice to identify which insurance best suits your needs. It’s even faster and easier to get a compare car insurance online. offered by insurance companies or independent platforms. Often, the latter offer to cancel the current car insurance policy when the contract is signed.

In addition to using a car insurance comparison to find the cheapest rate, novice drivers can have their car through your parents insure and get the SF discount of family members living in the same household transfer let. In addition, when buying a car, it may be worthwhile to have a vehicle with low type class to be selected.

Tip: if you are a novice driver looking for cheap car insurance, you should consider a take out pure motor vehicle liability insurance or combine it at most with partial casco insurance. An exception is when a new car is insured. For this, in addition to the obligatory liability insurance, a fully comprehensive insurance is recommended in order to cover expensive damages. On the other hand, for an old used car with a low value, partial casco is sufficient.

What does car insurance for the severely disabled cost??

Since there is currently no discount for people with reduced mobility, the premiums for car insurance are as follows the same as for a non-disabled person. Nevertheless, car drivers with disabilities can save money, because there is a tax reduction, the amount of which depends on the individual case. And you will receive new car sometimes at list price, although the dealer will also have something to say about this.

Which car insurance takes over special classifications??

For all car insurance policies, the amount of the premium depends on the SF class of the policyholder. With each accident-free year, this class increases and the insured receives a discount.

If the SF class is to be taken over when changing the car insurance, this is called special classification. There are insurances that make special classifications for a second car. This means that the rate for this does not start again at the lowest SF class, but the policyholder receives the same discount as for his first car.

However, such special classifications are often not transferable when changing to another insurance company. In his new contract, the SF class is then based solely on the number of years he has not had any claims.

The car insurance check: important information on the subject of termination and change


The most common reasons customers give for cancelling a car insurance policy are as follows cost savings and benefit improvements dar. In addition to these criteria, there are personal preferences that play a role in cancellation. These points include the friendliness of the service staff or the accessibility of insurance. In addition, the proximity to the personal customer advisor can be a decisive criterion for the consumer. Reasons for termination are therefore in part personal preferences.

A premium increase without a benefit adjustment is a popular reason to change the car insurance to cancel and then switch. If you wish, you can terminate the insurance policy without notice, i.e. make use of your special right of termination. This also entitles you to a reduction in benefits without a reduction in premiums. In some cases, the insurance is cancelled when an insurance claim occurs. If the insurer has acknowledged the damage, consumers have a special right of cancellation. Incidentally, those who make use of this right need not fear any disadvantages in the settlement of the claim. This is because the insurer is obligated to settle the damage incurred, regardless of the cancellation. A change of car insurance is also necessary if a changing vehicles takes place because the contract is tied to the vehicle. If the consumer sells it and buys a new one, he has to take out a new policy and this is usually accompanied by a premium change. Therefore, many people carry a insurance comparison after a change of vehicle to find out about the most favorable rate.

Cancellation of car insurance can make sense for these reasons:

  • Change of owner
  • Relocation
  • death
  • Car sale
  • Deregistration of the car
  • Job change/loss

Whoever inherits a car can take over the insurance rate of the testator. However, it is worth comparing the current car insurance policies if the tariff has not been changed for a long time.

People who have found a cheap car insurance policy with the help of a liability insurance comparison should cancel old policy in due time. In case of uncertainty, the contract papers or a call to customer service will help to find out the end of the contract. As the cancellation period is one month to the end of the contract, it is advisable to compare car or motorcycle insurance at an early stage. how consumers find car insurance that is good and affordable.

Tip: the majority of insurance policies are transferred to the 1. the contract is concluded on january of the same year and the cancellation period is one month. Therefore, the effective date falls on the 30. november of the previous year. This means that the notice of cancellation must be received by the insurance company on this date at the latest. If this limit is exceeded, the policy is automatically extended for a further twelve months.

Why was my car insurance declined?

There are different reasons that can lead to a refusal in a car insurance policy. The following points most frequently lead to problems when taking out insurance:

  • Many claims in the previous insurance policy
  • Poor credit rating
  • Points in flensburg

Since all vehicle owners in germany have to pay a liability insurance required by law, there is compulsory contracting. This means that an insurer is obliged to accept an application for a liability insurance policy. This is not compulsory for fully and partially comprehensive insurance, as it is a voluntary supplementary insurance. Therefore, a full points register and an accumulation of claims can lead to the application for the desired policy being rejected.

At what point does it pay to change car insurance, and what should i look for in my new car insurance policy??

car insurance bonus

Companies calculate the insurance costs of a car in different ways. That’s why experts advise regular cost comparison.

Calculating the cost of car insurance on the internet is easy. But in addition to the premiums, there are other criteria that consumers should consider when taking out new car insurance. These include:

  • sum insured
  • Benefits of the insurer
  • Right to cancel
  • Payment options
  • Deductible
  • Contractual obligations

Tip: if the premiums for a car insurance are too high for you, you can cancel a car insurance policy higher deductible choose. This is usually between 150 and 1000 euros per claim. However, this depends on the insurer’s tariffs. Because this means that the insurance company has slightly lower costs, it grants the policyholder a discount on his premium.

Where can I enter my car insurance in the tax return??

A liability insurance for the car can be declared in the tax return. Consumers should note that the costs for partial and fully comprehensive insurance are not deductible for private vehicle use. However, if you use the car for commercial purposes, you can also claim the fully and partially comprehensive insurance on your tax return.

In the investment pension expenses there is point special expenses. These are the expenses that consumers pay for vehicle insurance. Furthermore, expenses such as other insurance contributions or expenses for old-age provision belong to the special expenses. Therefore, car owners should pay attention to the maximum amount of 1900 euros, because up to this amount a tax deduction is possible.

conclusion on car insurance

While a fully and partially comprehensive insurance for the car a voluntary coverage are the same, it is the liability insurance in order to mandatory insurance. In principle, partial and fully comprehensive insurance policies include a corresponding liability insurance, so that the consumer fulfills his insurance obligation. Since liability insurance is considered mandatory in germany, it is available to every consumer.

Fully or partially comprehensive insurance is often denied if you have a bad credit rating or many points in flensburg. If you still want to take out this type of insurance, you should compare insurers. A rate comparison is quick, free and easy at check24 and verivox.

If you want, you can even get advice from experts free of charge and receive customized help. A comparison of rates is particularly recommended for novice drivers. This is because they pay significantly higher premiums than motorists with years of driving experience. But the cost of insurance is related to other factors. In addition to the parking location of the vehicle, the car model, the mileage, the occupation and family status can have an influence on the expenses.

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