Fear of espionage: quebec can not build airships

Fear of espionage: Quebec can not build airships

The State French Flying Whales may not develop and build no airships in Canada. This has decided the consolidation government due to concerns about national security. Since the quarter participation of the French-speaking Province Quebec helped nothing. Because another quarter is owned by the People’s Republic of China.

This reports the newspaper Journal de Montreal. Grobdier Partner Flying Whales is the Foreign Tourist of the Republic of France. The forestry administration would like to harvest with airships tree in otherwise difficult accessories. Quebec had only recently invested 30 million Canadian dollars (at that time more than 20 million euros) in Flying Whales. For the provincial government, the prospect of the gentle supply of remote settlements in the north as well as the strainless access to the soil shocks of interest.

Million calculation without host made

Logo of China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. Ltd.

For the $ 30 million, Quebec received a 24.9 percent share of the company, as well as shares in a planned subsidiary, which settle in Quebec and should create hundreds of work there. But this is nothing. Because the Chinese State Company China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (Caiga) just 24.9 percent of Flying Whales.

Caiga is the owners of the formerly American aircraft manufacturer Cirrus and himself a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), which is controlled by the US government of China’s militar. The provincial government Quebecs was well known as problematic, which is why she has planned the Canadian subsidiary in cooperation with Flying Whales. Caiga goods were only indirectly involved.

Fear of espionage: Quebec can not build airships

The Château Frontenac is the landmark of the provincial capital Quebec City. The Francophone Province is more than four times as rough as Germany and has about 8.5 million inhabitants.

Maybe that had the concerns of the Canadian espionage levels can not just have been ordered a former Avic employee for the manager of the Canadian branch. The detailed provincial Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon had reviewed this detail. Now he is dedicated, and admits not to be promised that the investment will expect. (The patent for flying warehouse has already applied for Wal-Mart.

Principle hope

The minister is not crunched. He builds on the principle of hope. Maybe Flying Whales is buying at suppliers in Quebec, the development of the planned giant air ship will succeed and eventual clientele. Of course, there are also military applications for airships, not least for espionage, but you do not talk about it. Flying Whales, in turn, does not bury hope that humanity still finds fresh helium.

So the French continue to work on the development of a 150 meter long and 42 high, helium-filled airship with fixed frame, if not in Canada. The airship should one day be up to 60 tons of freight, after all, 100 tonnes less than at Weiland the Cargolifter. Nevertheless, Flying Whales should become the largest aircraft in the world. After all, Provincial Minister Fitzgibbon, Flying Whales do not start "Zero, Zero", but Konne build on a prototype that was already flown. In China.

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