External reappraisal is initiated

External reappraisal is initiated

Limburg Cathedral behind leaves © Fredrik Von Erichsen

The Archdiocese of Bamberg filed criminal charges against a priest of the Diocese of Limburg with the Marburg public prosecutor's office at the end of December. The victim has reported to the abuse commissioner of the Archdiocese of Bamberg.

At the end of December, the archdiocese of Bamberg filed criminal charges against a priest of the diocese of Limburg with the public prosecutor's office in Marburg. The accused had sexually abused a minor boy several times from 1986 to 1993. The acts are alleged to have been committed in the diocese of Limburg. In the course of the reporting on the MHG study on sexual abuse by clergy in the Catholic Church, the victim had contacted the abuse commissioner of the archdiocese of Bamberg.

The accused was active in parish pastoral care in the diocese for many decades until his retirement. He is spending his retirement in the archdiocese of Bamberg. There he had taken over occasionally divine service representations. The diocese of Limburg and the archdiocese of Bamberg have, in accordance with the guidelines of the German Bishops' Conference, banned the accused from exercising any priestly ministry. The diocese Limburg had initiated the church-criminal preliminary investigation.

Victim incriminates those responsible in the diocese

In the personnel file of the accused, which is kept in the Limburg diocese, there is no evidence of sexual abuse. In his testimony, the victim incriminates those in charge of the diocese at the time and reports that they had knowledge of the abuse.

The diocese takes the accusations very seriously and has initiated an external processing of this case. An independent lawyer will investigate the matter and question those responsible at the time. The findings will be made available to the state investigative authorities.

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