Experts against sexualized violence

Experts against sexualized violence

Symbolic image of abuse © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

For the first time, the diocese is training 16 people from various church institutions to act as experts on the ground in offices and facilities to prevent sexualized violence.

A total of 16 people from schools, religious institutions, daycare centers, parishes and youth work are now allowed to hold basic courses on the prevention of sexualized violence in the diocese of Wurzburg and implement the prevention regulations. They successfully completed a corresponding basic course as multipliers, as the episcopal press office announced. As experts on location, they worked in the church offices and institutions.

Passing on knowledge, practicing practical handling

The aim of the basic courses offered by the multipliers is to give all those involved with children and children under protection an introduction to prevention work, she said. The new order, which came into being after the German Bishops' Conference's study on abuse, will be applied. In a protected setting, knowledge of legal principles, practical ways of dealing with boundaries and transgressions, and personal confidence in dealing with one another in a respectful manner would be conveyed.

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