Expert opinion examines prospects of success

Expert opinion examines prospects of success

The parliamentary groups of the FDP, the Greens and the Left are seeking to have the Bundestag file a lawsuit for a review of norms. An expert opinion is to examine the prospects of success. A legal scholar considers the amendment to Section 219a to be untenable.

FDP, Left Party and Greens are preparing a joint complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court against the reform of Paragraph 219a. This was said by the deputy chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Stephan Thomae, to the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND, Friday). The FDP is in charge of the project and is working in coordination with the other two parliamentary groups to have an expert opinion prepared and to find a legal representative.

The reform, which the Bundestag passed last week, provides for an addition to the paragraph. Thomae said with regard to the lawsuit, "it would be nice if we could strike the iron in March". However, the final decision would depend on the content of the expert opinion. "We already want to go in with certain prospects of success."

FDP and Greens negotiate

The chairwoman of the Left Party, Katja Kipping, stressed that the examination was underway. "It looks like this actually has a good chance of happening," she told RND. Negotiations were currently underway with the FDP and the Greens.

The women's policy spokeswoman of the Greens, Ulle Schauws, confirmed on Friday that her group is open to the examination. The reform of the paragraph creates more "legal uncertainty". The negative mood towards doctors who perform an abortion and pregnant women who are considering an abortion is thus further fanned. 25 percent of the members of the Bundestag are required for a corresponding action for the control of norms by the Bundestag. Together, the three groups achieve this.

The Giessen legal scholar Arthur Kreuzer is apparently being discussed as a reviewer. He told the RND: "I think a lawsuit is promising. The law does not seem tenable under constitutional law."Giessen is also home to gynecologist Kristina Hanel, who was fined in late 2017 for unauthorized abortion advertising and was a trigger for the debate on the abortion advertising ban.

Adopted amendment controversial

Section 219a prohibits offering, announcing or touting abortions for financial gain or if done in a "grossly offensive manner". After months of dispute, the German government had agreed on a compromise for a reform, this provides for an addition to Section 219a in the penal code.

Afterwards physicians and hospitals are to be allowed to inform for instance on their Internet side about the fact that they accomplish abortions under the legal conditions. In addition, the German Medical Association is to compile a constantly updated list of doctors and hospitals that perform abortions.

Anne Klein Women's Award 2019

Meanwhile, doctors Kristina Hanel, Natascha Nicklaus and Nora Szasz will be awarded the 2019 Anne Klein Women's Prize in Berlin on Friday evening. The three women have been charged with violating the paragraph; Hanel has since been fined. It is also considering going to Karlsruhe. The jury honored her courage in fighting out a fundamental ie affecting all women, the statement said.

Anne Klein (1950-2011) was a German lawyer and Berlin senator who campaigned primarily for women's rights and same-sex lifestyles. The award, which comes with 10.The award, which is endowed with € 000, is given by the Heinrich Boll Foundation, which has close ties to the Greens.

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