Expansion of power struggle between government and unions

Strikes: France Ticks differently

Since the German Chancellor on France 2 likes to appeal to the practical insight and reason – "And if we want to guarantee a reasonable pension, then the fact that we have long to live, also drove that the life working time becomes a long time." – France ticks unlike Germany when it comes to state razor, and especially when striking, as it shows again (see also typical French? Typical German?To). And perhaps also amuses "more or less" about the reactions from abroad, which worries the "chaos" in the country clients, from a "hammer-hard prasident" and a "radicalization of the movement".

Expansion of power struggle between government and unions

Excellent train station in Hendaye. Image: ralf stretch

The French, it seems, take the strike (still?) calmly. Although there are an absits, airport, the postal and telecommunications companies, the energy supply, nuclear power plants, harbor, refineries; Access to refineries, petrol stations and depots is blocked, the gasoline slowed down, traffic and good transport on the straws slows down and more and more schools and students go on the strain. But 71 percent of the French Aufbern, according to a survey "sympathy" for today’s strike day, when again called for the protest against the pension reform (see Social Riot in France).

480. 000 should have been mobilized today for demonstrations, reported Le moons Today noon, a little less than the record result of the past Tuesday, so the comment. As always, the information of the police differ from those of the unions. So the police paid good a million demonstrators and trade unions 3, 5 million on Tuesday of last week. The police were simply lugged the strike, it is called by support. But it does not really matter to the good numbers of numbers.

Rather that the supply paths and centers are hit significantly from the strike. 4000 out of 12. 500 gas stations are waiting for information from Energy Minister Borloo on replenishment. Four to five days, it was time for the normal state to restore, Prime Minister Fillon is quoted, who thought about planning with his crisis rod, as is to accomplish this. After all, a third of the departments was affected by the gasoline. Remains open whether the plan works also. However is still difficult to refrain from how the power struggle will go out between government and unions.

That sarkozy, like the Nouvel Observator This afternoon, harder maws reported against the blockers and generally more and more of "order" speaks he wants to guarantee, can also be understood as a sign of growing nervousness. Not untypical for Sarkozy is that he knew the rioters in his Ordinalpell this morning, especially the rioters who have played only a secondary role in the strikes, even though such conflicts always have the spectacular on their side. To distract the attempt of coarse topics to "Casseurs" (rioters) is Sarkozy’s preserved domestic method.

It gives more and more blockages of universities was reported in the afternoon. Between six and eleven the nationwide 83 universities were blocked from protest against the laws for pension reform, it is called, 379 grammar schools had no ordinary school operation. That Schuler and Students are bending, gives the strikes a significant thrust. The approximately the long-striking harbor workers need good, as they are during the strike, unlike in Germany, no money.

Of the perspective of the government, this looks different. The participation of the younger French also brings another self-dynamics into the protests, which has no longer only have the pension reform on the topic. As far as the concrete occasion of the protests, the government is concerned with its project: the laws on pension reform should be adopted as planned in parliament. Already possible that this Plan goes up. But the dispute is not finished with it.

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