“Everyone has a responsibility to intervene”

SOS Children's Villages denounces widespread violence against children worldwide, even at the youngest age. Worldwide, 300 million boys and girls suffered physical, sexual and psychological violence in their daily living environment.

According to the report, three-quarters of all children worldwide between the ages of two and four experience physical or verbal violence at the hands of their parents or guardians, the charity said in Munich on Wednesday. The number of attacks on young children between 12 and 23 months of age is also alarmingly high, with around half of adolescents in this age group already being physically or psychologically abused, it said.

To this end, SOS Children's Villages has launched the "DetenloYa" campaign in 16 countries!" The goal of the campaign, he said, is to bring the violence into the public eye so that it can end. "Each of us has a responsibility to intervene," said Soledad Cardozo, spokeswoman for SOS Children's Villages in Latin America.

Violence against children in all classes and cultures

Violence against children takes place in rich and poor countries alike and across all walks of life and cultures, Cardozo continued. There is also a high likelihood that a child will be a victim of violence not just once, but over and over again, he said.

The situation is particularly dire in Latin America, he said: "Domestic violence is often a taboo subject or even an accepted method of education here," Cardozo said. In this region of the world, he said, 6 million children are victims of serious abuse every year, about 80.000 die as a result of domestic violence.

According to Cardozo, there is sufficient evidence that violence against children can be prevented through targeted interventions. The campaign included legislation, education, accurate data collection, drop-in centers for children and family support programs.

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