Euphoria and critical tones

Numerous newspapers in Cameroon have the Pope's arrival as the cover story of their Wednesday editions. Mixed in with the euphoria over Benedict XVI's first visit to the country are. In Yaounde also critical tones. "Cameroon Tribune" shows the Pope driving through the busy streets of the capital and headlines "In triumph". Cameroonians, he said, gave the third head of the church to visit their country a "particularly warm welcome". "La Nouvelle Vision" broadly documents the individual stages of the Pope's stay in the West African country, which lasts until Friday.

"Mutations" writes: "Benedict XVI. Under great security precautions in Yaounde". On his first trip, the pope had only moved "hemmed in by security guards". In "Le Jour" it says on the first page, Benedict XVI. Had come "as a shepherd. The paper continues, "The Pope condemns corruption, abuse of power and injustice". The newspaper also publishes a tear sheet from an interview with Cardinal Christian Tumi: The Archbishop of Douala recommends that President Paul Biya, who has been in office for 27 years, should not stand for re-election. Tumi refers to the constitutional reform that Biya pushed through last year despite bloody protests. At the same time, he deplores human rights violations in Cameroon. "Le Nouvelle Expression" names the ies of "corruption, poverty, homosexuality, embezzlement of public funds, esotericism" on which the pope should speak out. "Cameroonians expect from Benedict XVI. a saving gesture," writes the newspaper. The weekly newspaper "L'Anecdote" sees as "hot topics" between the Pope and the Cameroonian bishops, on the other hand, the new upswing for traditionalists and the missionary competition of sects in Cameroon. The papal trip will also be the focus of attention in the daily newspapers of other African countries on Wednesday. In particular, it is about the recent statements Benedict XVI. to the use of condoms against AIDS. The Pope had reiterated his no to this form of contraception on the flight to Cameroon. The South African newspaper "Mail Guardian" refers to the high HIV infection rates in Africa and discusses the role of the church in AIDS prevention. The Kenyan newspaper "Daily Nation" reports on critical voices from the Cameroonian capital Yaounde. Authorities there shortly before the arrival of Benedict XVI. Market stalls torn down to clean up the cityscape. "If he prays, blesses the country and makes the politicians confess, that will help us," a small shopkeeper is quoted as saying. The BBC's Africa service also picks up on the rejection of condoms, headlining its piece "Pope tells Africa 'condoms are wrong'". The pope, who promotes fidelity in marriage and abstinence, said condoms only exacerbate the problem.

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