Eu as “peace actor

Eu as 'peace actor

Catholic youth associations call for a more active peace policy of the European Union. At the general meeting of the Federation of German Catholic Youth therefore calls for a permanent seat for the EU in the UN Security Council.

“For some years now, the security situation in the world and for Europe has worsened,” reads a resolution adopted by the general meeting of the Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ) on Saturday at Rothenfels Castle near Wurzburg. The policies of powerful countries are becoming increasingly self-centered, nationalistic and confrontational, and there is a danger of a new arms race.

Thomas Andonie: seat on UN Security Council

In this situation, the EU must become involved as a “peace actor” on a global level, demanded the more than 100 delegates from all over Germany. “The European Union must develop into a power for sustainable peace policy,” explained BDKJ Federal President Thomas Andonie. “To this end, a permanent seat for the European Union in the UN Security Council must be sought.”The youth associations also call for a ban on arms exports from the EU to third countries.

The BDKJ appealed to the Federal Government to weigh the budget means differently. “Expenditures for peacebuilding must always be budgeted higher than those for armaments,” said Andonie.

Another topic: Abuse and sexualized violence

“Because peace is worth more.”Part of the peace promotion could be also exchange programs for young people and young adults. The BDKJ General Assembly will discuss future ies in church and society until Sunday. On Saturday afternoon, the young Catholics wanted to discuss the topic of sexualized violence in the church with the spokesman of the abuse victims' initiative “Eckiger Tisch”, Matthias Katsch, and the author Doris Reisinger.

The BDKJ is the umbrella organization of 17 Catholic youth associations and organizations. The General Assembly, with about 100 delegates, is the highest democratic body of the association and reportedly represents about 660.000 young Catholics throughout Germany.

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