Em: the rainbow rules – situation in munich “calm”

Em: the rainbow rules - situation in munich 'calm'
  • Munich's EM Arena may be used for the German national team's match vs Hungary not in Rainbow colors shine to set a sign for tolerance and equality. The decision of the Uefa triggers plenty of criticism.
  • The City of Munich now wants to find other ways: Not only will city hall be flagged with rainbow flags, but the wind turbine at the arena and the Olympic tower will be colorfully lit, he said.
  • Signs should be set at other Bundesliga locations during the match on Wednesday evening. For example, the soccer arenas in Frankfurt am Main, Augsburg, Cologne and Wolfsburg, as well as the Berlin Olympic Stadium and the stadium An der Alten Forsterei in Berlin to shine colorfully during the DFB team's match against Hungary.
  • Important signals are also to be set in the Ruhr area. So also Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 announced to set a sign against homophobia.

A city in bright colors and only minor problems: The evening of soccer under the sign of the rainbow started "relatively calmly" in Munich, according to the police. However, a spokesman told SID an hour before the European Championship match between Germany and Hungary (9 p.m./ZDF and MagentaTV) of "isolated arrests and offenses as well as the use of pyrotechnics". At the Viennese place besides – apparently from Hungarian side – a Hitler salute was shown.

Even in the Munich arena, where the German national team is playing its last European Championship preliminary round match, there had been "only a brief minor altercation, but nothing dramatic". Overall, the situation "continues to be comparatively calm".

At the town hall, the tower of the St. Maximilian, in the main station and around the arena in Frottmaning reigned the rainbow as a sign of tolerance, humanity and freedom of sexual orientation. Munich's mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) had ordered the colorful, six-part giant flagging at his official residence after his failed attempt to light up the stadium. Manuel Neuer wears his rainbow captain's armband in the German goal again.

EM game against Hungary: Many fans came with colorful flags

Aggressiveness was hardly noticeable at first, despite heated discussions beforehand. "There were isolated pyrotechnics incidents, smoke pots were lit," the police spokesman said. Major problems with the Hungarian problem fans, who arrived around 19.Despite the provocations, he is not aware of any problems with the Hungarian fans who reached the stadium at 3 p.m. 1500 forces are deployed around the game, the Hungarian fans were led directly from the train to the away block in the north curve.

If Munich is not allowed on Wednesday, then the other stadiums in the country must show their colors. On now, colleagues in the league! Deutsche Bank Park turns on the rainbow for the match against Hungary. The Waldstadion remains colorful! #EURO2020 #GERHUN #diversity #SGE #Eintracht

– Axel Hellmann (@Hellmann1899) June 21, 2021

Several smaller rallies for tolerance and against homophobia had been registered: at Rindermarkt, Sendlinger Strabe and Wittelsbacher Platz in downtown Munich, as well as at the Esplanade by the stadium. Several hundred participants were expected to attend. In front of the arena, action alliances distributed thousands of rainbow flags, which also sold like hot cakes.

"If the @UEFAcom does not allow such a self-evident and important sign in Munich, then we want to do this gladly!" We don't let it get us down and set a sign against homophobia and transphobia! #LoveIsLove #PORGER #EURO2020

– FC Augsburg (@FCAugsburg) June 22, 2021

Not a provocation, but a matter of course!
The #S04 stands for diversity and tolerance #rainbow colors | #Pride | #StehtAuf | #GERHUN pic.twitter.com/9UMbFiU4JT

– FC Schalke 04 (@s04) June 22, 2021

Many fans came wrapped in colorful flags, with rainbow wigs, necklaces, headbands or shoulder bags. In the further course of the evening, many stadiums in Germany were to be illuminated colorfully, including in Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Wolfsburg or Cologne. A wind turbine in Munich near the arena should also shine. Stewards wore colorful sweatbands on their arms. Many Hungarians, however, appeared as a fearsome "black bloc".

The city had applied to the European Football Union (Uefa) to have the arena shine as a rainbow in protest against the policies of Hungary's right-wing nationalist government. Uefa rejected this: President Aleksander Ceferin spoke of a "populist action" for which the federation would not be abused. (sid)

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