Education with “high ethical standards

Glorifying violence in video games or movies is perversion. Benedict XVI's verdict. in his message for this year's World Day of Social Communications. This day is celebrated annually by the Church on 20. May, but the pope traditionally publishes his appeal on 24. January, the commemoration day of the press patron Francis de Sales. The theme of the message: "Children and social communication tools: a challenge for education."

In his message, the Pope speaks of two kinds of education: the education of children and the education of the media. The media shape culture and society and are therefore a challenge for parents. "Indeed, there are voices that say that the influence of the media in the educational process is equal to that of the school, the church and – perhaps even – the family." Reality for many, he said, is what the media pass off as real. Consequently, the media industry must act responsibly. At the same time, children need to practice appropriate use of the media. This is how their consciences are formed, their cultural, moral and spiritual development is guided. "Educating children to be discerning in their use of the media is the responsibility of parents, church and school. The role of parents is of primary importance." Schools and parishes should support parents in providing. The Pope continued: "Media education should be positive. … beauty, a kind of mirror of the divine, inspires and enlivens the heart and mind of young people, while ugliness and vulgarity have a demeaning effect on attitudes and behavior.

"Ethical standards In the second part of the message, the Pope addresses the media professionals themselves. They are committed to ethical standards. This opinion is shared by all "who have a sense of social responsibility.". But economic competition is pushing for "low standards". "Although it should be noted that many people working in the media have a desire to do what is right, we must also note that those working in the media are subject to particular psychological preres and ethical dilemmas. … Any trend to produce programs – including films and video games – that glorify violence and portray antisocial behavior or the trivialization of human sexuality in the name of entertainment is a perversion – all the more repugnant when these programs are made for children or young people."The Pope's final appeal is directed at those responsible for the media industry. They should guide and encourage producers to "protect the common good, affirm the truth, defend the human dignity of each individual and promote respect for the needs of the family".

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