Educate from the perspective of those affected

Educate from the perspective of those affected

German Bishops' Conference sets up advisory board for affected persons © shutterstock

The three dioceses of Fulda, Limburg and Mainz want to involve those affected by sexualized violence in the church in dealing with the cases by setting up a joint victims' advisory council. The cooperation is initially for three years.

To the cooperation all are invited, which suffered in the church range in the dioceses Fulda, Limburg and Mainz sexual abuse or lived there, communicated the dioceses on Wednesday together. "We can only adequately clarify and prevent abuse in the church from the perspective of those affected," emphasized Bishops Michael Gerber (Fulda), Georg Batzing (Limburg) and Peter Kohlgraf (Mainz).

Regular exchange

The victims' advisory council, which will consist of nine members, will have both a right of initiative and a right to be heard on planned measures, it was said. In addition, the advisory board will nominate members to work in the reappraisal commissions of the three dioceses. A regular exchange with the leaders of the dioceses is planned, as well as with the respective advisory boards.

Volunteering initially for three years

Until 28. March are to inform to the co-operation ready concerning the respective diocese by post office. The minimum age is 18. The selection for the advisory board would then be made by a committee consisting of affected persons, employees of independent counseling centers, as well as experts from the fields of psychology, medicine, pedagogy, justice and administration of the dioceses involved. At least two meetings per year are planned. The cooperation in the victim advisory board is an honorary office, which is initially taken over for three years and is associated with an expense allowance.

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