Deported due to political attitude or because of corona?

Deported due to political attitude or because of Corona?

Memorial for Alexis Grigoropoulos and Berkin Elvan in Exarchia. Image: Iaberis / CC BY-SA 4.0

The official reason is the deportation of a French anarchist "Danger for public health"; Some talks for political motives

After eight years stay in Greece, a French state-owner from Greece was deported to France. There was no legal proceedings and also no condemnation of the deported.

Nationwide assembly prohibition

Everything started with the assembly ban, which the police directorate Greece for the 6. Had pronounced December 2020. Just like the 17. November, in the vital memorial events and demonstrations for the anniversary of the bloody depressed student uprising of 17. November 1973 were forbidden, also for the 6. December with calling to the Corona Pandemic a nationwide assembly ban for more than three persons per decree of the police president Greece, Mikhail Karamalakis, explains.

The 6. December 2008 was the day at which the then 15-year Alexis Grigoropoulos with peer friends with the casts of Exarchia. The group celebrated the name day of Nikos Romanos, a friend of Grigoropoulos. She met a police patrol and one of the two officials, Epaminonda’s Korkoneas, pulled his service weapon and shot. Grigoropoulos was made dead. Weekly protests of Greek youth were the result. Korkoneas, because murder sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment, is now back on free fuv.

Even without the conventional major demonstration, numerous people wanted to lay down numerous people in the Pandemic Year at least a floral wall at the scene in Exarchia. There was a memorial stone for Grigoropoulos built. Theoretically, during the Lockdown Walking Walk allowed. The burgers must send an SMS with their personal information with their mobile phone and the code 6. After a reply of the system you can then leave your apartment for the walk.

The Burger Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis, a strict advocate of "Law and order"-Politics of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, had a coarse police attachment of 5000 officials for Athens. These should make sure exactly on the bill of assembly.

The police officers exclaimed the assembly ban over the authoritar, so she also took Maria Oshana, the manager of the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation in Athens, for a short time. Oshana had been hit together with a friend and with a floral wall in the hand in the near the memorial place.

Theoretically she had no law and no rule violated. Your obvious intention to take the flowers on the memorial stone ranged the officials for an arrest. Floral bonus lying there were gradually destroyed by another official and demonstrative. Even against press photographers and reporters, the police were not squeamish.

At the wrong time at the wrong place

The Frenchman, who is called in the Greek media only with the first name Errol, was on the 6th. December in Exarchia alone on the way. He Hyte Larm, went to this and hit a police patrol of the Delta Unit, who just arrested passers-by. He was also arrested. The reproach was "Distribution of the pandemic of the new coronavirus". A total of 374 arrests and 135 arrests existed on that day.

In the police preservation, Errol witnesses, as an eighte-year-old suffering suffered an epileptic seizure suffered. The Frenchman hurried to help with a lawyer as well. An hour after the incident, he was isolated from the others and spent in the deportation center in Petrou Ralli Strabe. From there he should as "Danger for public health" getting deported.

From there it was on the 10th. December into closed camps for immigrants in Amygdaleza. There, the Frenchman spent his time in isolation and without access to a telephone. He succeeded in a Cassiber.

In Amygdaleza, the deportation of the French and an entry ban were deported in rapidly and without legal support to 9. December 2027 decided. According to the statements in the Cassiber, Errol is considered "National and political danger" classy. On Saturday the 19. December was told him that he must be tested in terms of any coronavirus infection.

Instead of the doctor, the police drove him to the airport. There he was brought into handcuffs and accompanied by policemen of the anti terror unit into the plane to France. Neither his salaries nor his family were informed. The entire flight over the Frenchman was tied up with handcuffs. He made resistance and screamed.

At the landing in Paris, the Greek policemen overlooked the prisoner their French colleagues. After a horsed, in which the French police officers have been amazed on the approach of the Greeks.

The Frenchman was never convicted of law in Greece. He was the police known for his anarchist attitude and participation in demonstrations against the gold mining in Chalkidiki, as well as because of the support of the housekeeper scene in Thessaloniki and Athens. Therefore, the autonomous scene of Greece’s are voices that claim that deportation has less with the pandemic, but to do more with the political mind of Errol.

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